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Business Transformation focus on value - Our Value Realization Model (VRM(TM))

Guest Post by

Dale Strickland, Senior Principal, Infosys

The Value Realization Method™ (VRM™) is Infosys' metrics-focused approach to ensure that project business value is achieved.  We believe that, "You can't manage what you can't measure." While our IMPACT™ framework drives business transformation by ensuring rigorous delivery and solution adoption; VRM™ is the engine that drivers tangible value for our clients who use IMPACT™.
VRM™ consists of 8 components and 3 proprietary tools that are used during the program lifecycle.

•         Value Scan                                                                                                         
•         Business Case
•         Value Diagram
•         Metrics Management
•         Benefit Tracking
•         Decision Framework
•         Value Enabled Solution Design
•         Value Audit

•         Value Profile Repository
•         Process and Metric Repository
•         Benchmarking Content

Pre-Configured Industry Solution in specific verticals based on SAP Best Practices
Infosys Pre-Configured Industry Solutions provides our clients with a functioning SAP environment that address their Industry challenges and accelerates delivery and time to value.  They include a functioning SAP instance with end-to-end configured scenarios across the industry value chain along with a number of custom developed solutions that address Industry specific pain points and accelerate time to value.  By taking an approach of "Why Change" the Pre-Configured Solution to minimize changes vs. a "typical" implementation approach, clients can reduce program delivery time (up to 30%) by starting with an Industry pre-configured solution.

Industry Process Repositories
Infosys Industry Process Repositories complement our pre-configured solutions and provide our clients with a toolkit rich with solution related artifacts that can be leveraged to accelerate client adoption of the pre-configured solution and the Business Transformation program. The artifacts include:
•         BPMLs with Process Maps and Process Decompositions,
•         Industry Best Practices, and Business Process Procedures,
•         Process Metrics, along with Value and Operational Levers,
•         Value Diagrams providing visual representation to see the linkages of value and operational levers to processes and SAP Modules,
•         Personas, summarizing the characteristics that are  most representative of a group external customers and internal users and their key asks of the transformation 

Based on our experience delivering business transformation initiatives, Infosys has developed this Value focused Method that enhances the overall comprehensive, customizable, modular framework for achieving successful business-focused transformations.

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