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Enterprise Mobility with Sybase Unwired Platform

Many organizations face the need for making an important decision of choosing the right development approach after selecting a mobile platform  like SUP (Sybase Unwired Platform).  While there is no best solution that works all the time, this paper attempts to bring in the pros and cons that each of the approaches carries with reference to enterprise requirements and different business cases.

Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) is a mobile enterprise platform for quickly developing & deploying enterprise grade mobile applications that connect business data from heterogeneous backend systems. SUP helps leverage its platform features like security, device management and develop mobile applications much faster than what it would take without a platform like SUP.

Many organizations face the need for making an important decision of choosing the right solution approach after they have chosen a middleware like SUP. Mobile application development can be done using any of the following approaches.
1) Native Applications
2) Web Applications
3) Hybrid Applications

This paper highlights the solution approaches available within the Sybase Unwired Platform for mobile enabling your enterprise functions. It also discusses ways to select the right approach between the Native Approach and the Hybrid (HTML5) and Mobile Approach.

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