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Unlock More Value from Your SAP Enabled Business Transformation Faster with Infosys' SAP Industry Pre-Configured Solutions

Guest Post by

Dale Strickland, Senior Principal, Infosys

Clients can significantly benefit from Infosys' SAP Industry Pre-Configured solutions to accelerate time to value and implementation timelines. They provide our clients a functioning SAP environment that addresses their Industry challenges. We couple our SAP pre-configured environments with Industry Process Repositories that provide a toolkit rich with solution related artifacts that can be leveraged to accelerate client adoption of the pre-configured solution and the Business Transformation program.

By taking the approach of "Why Change" the Pre-Configured Solution vs. a "typical" implementation approach, clients can reduce program delivery time (up to 30%) by starting with an Industry pre-configured solution.

Clients that leverage our pre-configured solutions select the components of the solution that meet their targeted end state. The "delta" between the targeted end state and the pre-configured solution scope are then prototyped, designed, and implemented. 

IMPACT and SAP's ASAP Methodolgy - a Winning Combinaion
The IMPACT Framework™ keeps SAP's ASAP methodology at the core. It works hand-in-hand with ASAP to provide a fuller and richer approach to managing SAP enabled business transformation. ASAP provides a tested and benefit driven approach to implementation; coupled with IMPACT™ and VRM™ Infosys is able to provide clients the ability to unlock even more value from their transformation.

Four Major Phases to Successful SAP Transformations
As an SAP transformation progresses from visioning to operations, it should follow a logical progression.  The best transformations place the right emphasis on each phase to achieve the required value for the client /objective at each step of the journey. The Infosys IMPACT Framework™ provides a holistic, integrated approach for implementing Business Transformation programs. It looks across all capability areas of importance to a company while keeping a focus on the value proposition and delivery for the company and its customers.  It spans the full lifecycle of a transformation from setting the direction of the transformation, to detailed design, execution, and finally ongoing support.  The framework is designed to be modular and customizable for each client's situation.

How Infosys can Optimize Efforts
Business transformation programs are notoriously difficult. Even programs delivered on time and on budget often leave internal stakeholders questioning the value that has been delivered.  Stop by the Infosys Sapphire Booth #2800 and talk to our consultants to further discover how Infosys' IMPACT™, VRM™ and Pre-Configured SAP solutions can help you unlock value form your transformation programs Faster .

About the Author: Dale is a Senior Prinicipal in Management Consulting under Consulting & Systems Integration Unit in Infosys. With a varied experience in IT industry, Dale is currently in the Process Transformation track and working on Business Transformation solutions for Infosys.


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