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SAPPHIRE NOW 2013: What to expect?

By Adam Zeckel

Principal - Business Consulting; Energy, Communications and Services Unit, Infosys

As SAPPHIRE approaches, I've started to think about what has changed since this time last year. In May 2012, HANA was a hot topic in Orlando. The Infosys HANA COE had been up and running for nearly a year and my experience had been limited to just a few clients. By that time, however, we had laid the groundwork for value based discussions for BW on HANA focused on adding value for the business and reducing IT costs. We had created a demonstration on our internal system to showcase one business scenario for HANA. Many of our clients were talking about HANA. Some had started POCs and others were planning on start dates in 2013. One of our premier clients presented their journey to date implementing BW on HANA in the Database & Technology Theater at Sapphire.

Fast forward a year and much has changed - and much has remained the same. What were POCs in 2012 for many of our clients have turned into full production capabilities. At the same time, other clients have recently started their HANA journeys and plan to add capabilities throughout the remainder of the year. This year, one of our clients will be presenting in the Database & Technology Theater at Sapphire about their HANA incubation center and the capabilities that have been fostered and delivered through that group. As a COE, our group has gone from creating demonstrations to producing full scale solutions leveraging the speed of HANA. More importantly, we moved from talking about advanced business functionality through predictive analytics to actually doing something about it.

I've also started thinking about what is next to come. What will we look back on as we prepare for Sapphire 2014? As we continue to evolve in our capabilities around HANA and as we work with our clients to explore the ways in which they will revolutionize the way they do business, it's clear that there is much more change to come. The conversation is changing from "what" to "how". With ERP and CRM poised to run on HANA in many large scale environments and an increasing variety of HANA front end tools offered by SAP, the next year also offers many opportunities to position HANA as an enterprise-wide database solution for even the largest of companies.

So heading into SAPPHIRE, I'm planning to pay close attention to HANA announcements. There has already been some information released about license pricing changes, BW on HANA integration with enterprise HANA, and standard data models made available through HANA Live. I'm looking forward to seeing what other changes are in store for the HANA platform and how we may best be able to help our clients plan for the year to come.


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