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5 ways to make sure your mobile apps are successful for your enterprise


Mobile applications increase employee productivity by improving business process management and executing workflows like instantly checking inventory and reporting quality issues. While one can find many generic mobile apps for executing such workflows it is important to identify the relevant Mobile applications for an enterprise. These applications must ultimately be embedded in the broader work processes and policies and bring in the value perceived by your customer. In my experience with enterprise end users, here are a few points to think about when planning to embed mobile applications for your employees use.


1. What is the business Impact?


Analyze multiple use cases across the business units and arrive at prioritized ones relevant to your organization. Typical drivers for mobility are increase productivity, increase business velocity, eliminate bottlenecks, reduce downtime etc. Some of the prevalent usecases are related to work order execution, approvals , employee safety and compliance.


2.What are your options for employee mobile applications?


Identify a set of applications that can fit these business needs. If you are an SAP customer , some applications that my customers found useful are  SAP Work Manager, and approval applications like Cart Approval & SAP Payment Approvals. You can also prefer to build custom build applications with SAP providing a very good integration platform for custom applications.


3. How does this fit your enterprise device strategy?


It is also important to make a choice of the applications that fits in with the Corporate BYOD device strategy. Identify the supporting devices approved by the enterprise and decide on the technology to build for custom development. Please check device support for out of the box applications before purchase. Many organizations are also revisiting their security policies to allow usage of the applications for improved employee productivity.


4. Do a proof of concept before you decide on purchasing enterprise licenses. Obtain a few test licenses and assess the feasibility to expand to larger user base and business scenarios


5. It is also important to think about you deployment strategy for go-Live and how you will manage the mobile application life cycle once in production.

This blog is posted on behalf of N. Manoj, Senior Practice Engagement Manager, Mobility Unit, Infosys.

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