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Data Quality Cockpit using SAP Information Steward and Data Services - Part 3


Setting up Data Quality Cockpit - Challenges and Key advantages

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To make good use of the DQ cockpit, a proper data quality or governance organization is required. Data Stewards and owners need to continuously engage with business users to understand the changing needs in data and its validation to continuously build or keep the rules updated. As data matures and expires with time, the same rules may not always hold good and the rules or validations that govern the data needs to continuously change and refine as business demands. Analysts can run daily, weekly or periodic jobs to generate reports that can help business or information stewards understand the state of data quality and take continuous measures to keep data clean and reliable.

Below are some key advantages and benefits of the tool

  1. An easy plug in solution that could extract in-process data at particular stage of business process, cleanse/enrich and put data back into the productive database

  2. Rules that could be easily coded by data admins/stewards for data validation and ensure reuse in for actual cleansing. Rules can be exchanged between SAP IS and SAP DS

  3. Usage of external services for enriching data like the address directory services for different countries

  4. Periodic health check of the productive database and dashboard view to governance/business to ensure data standards and quality are maintained at appropriate levels

  5. Identifying duplicates , determination of survivor and maintaining history of merged records

  6. Financial impact analysis and calculating ROI

The SAP Information Steward and SAP Data Services are very important tools for the Stewards, Analysts and Business Users to regularly conduct a health check on the quality of data and take timely corrective actions. It is imperative that data quality management is not a one-time exercise but a continuous one. Continuous improvement in the quality of data enabled by SAP IS and SAP DS provide the key foundational elements that enable governance and improve trust in the data infrastructure of the Organization.

This blog is posted on behalf of Arvind H. Shenoy, Lead Consultant, Retail, CPG & Logistics, Infosys.

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