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SAP Fiori - Setting a new Paradigm for SAP Customers


Web technologies have evolved at a staggering pace ever since the web came into existence. Today the internet connects about two billion people worldwide from consumers to enterprise users. The increasing complexity of business has meant that the user interfaces of ERP systems have become equally complex. This and the growing number of enterprise users has meant greater focus on user experience and the need for an easy-to-use web technology for rapidly building and deploying solutions for the enterprise.

SAP Fiori has set a new paradigm for its customers in the internet applications space.

How do Fiori and Fiori-like apps help?

Fiori is a collection of role-based apps built on SAP UI5 framework for frequently used SAP ERP functions. SAP UI5 is an excellent framework based on open source and open standards like JQuery, HTML5, Javascript, CSS and others. It is designed to consume REST/OData services exposed by not only SAP Netweaver Gateway but by SAP HANA as well. This provides greater flexibility for developers to customize and build Fiori like apps to fulfill customer requirements when standard Fiori apps are not available.

These apps sit inside the Fiori Launchpad, which is a container providing real-time, role based and personalized single point of access for the end users. Creating Fiori-like Apps is an opportunity to expand custom requirements which are not part of standard SAP Fiori Apps.

Key considerations for optimizing the benefits of Fiori-like apps

To optimize the benefits of Fiori design principles, the following needs to be taken care while you implement Fiori-like apps.

  1. Identify the right Scenarios -To derive maximum benefits, identify the frequently used business functions and ones that require accessing multiple SAP transactions. This will benefit the user in performing his day-to-day tasks through a single user-friendly app.

  2. Classifying Scenarios - Classify scenarios based on Roles. Classification can also be based on Transactional, Analytical, Factsheet and Smart Business applications. An example for a Smart Business scenario is, a VP Sales may want to view specific real time Sales KPIs, drill-down to analyze and take action by launching a transaction from Fiori Launchpad.

  3. Keep it Simple & Intuitive - As SAP says "Keeping Simple Things Simple". Follow Fiori design principle of 1-1-3 approach - 1 User, 1 Use Case, 3 Screens!  Avoid complex screens with too many tabs and data to be filled and provide proactive and context aware support.

  4. Leverage Responsive Interface -It is important to keep in mind the different channels that end users will use and design your user interface accordingly to leverage the responsive interface feature of Fiori-like apps.

  5. Mobile enabling Enterprise Functions - Many of your backend functions can be mobile enabled by implementing Fiori-like apps without the need for a mobile middleware.

  6. Beware of the limitations - While most of the business requirements can be met using Fiori/SAP UI5 framework, there are certain limitations today like Offline Support, Bar Code Scanning etc.

 Fiori-like apps strikingly increase the user experience if implemented in the right manner by following the Fiori design principles and SAP UI5 guidelines.

While user experience is an important factor, selecting the right set of scenarios that business users often use will tremendously improve employee productivity and provide instant value to the enterprise!

This blog is posted on behalf of Suresh Santhana, Senior Technology Architect  and Sujesh K. C., Senior Technology Architext, Retail, CPG & Logistics, Infosys.




I love very much Sap Fiori

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