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Join me and other thought leaders as we look at seasonal hiring trends on VoiceAmerica radio show!


It's that time of the year - sitting in front of the fireplace - sipping hot coffee and spending the time with your family. This is how I visualize my holiday season to look like. Year-end means different things to different people. Some of us choose to relax, rejuvenate and look forward to an exciting new beginning ... and for others - the keen-eyed discount hunters - there cannot be a better season than the year-end to brag about their retail exploits.

The above is a very consumer-centric view to what the last few weeks in a calendar year mean to us.. but take a moment to think - what does it mean to the retailers?  What do they need to do to scale up to meet these demands? What does it mean to the retail employees? A holiday season can re-define the future of a retail company. How do these organizations plan for the necessary workforce to support the needs of this season? What if this is not planned effectively?

Per an industry research, the single largest controllable expense for a retailer is the employee cost; managing and controlling this can give a company its competitive edge.

In order to cater to this spike of the holiday season, more and more retailers are focusing on very specific type of hiring - those of seasonal workforce and those of contingent workforce.  Technology-driven innovations - online shopping, drones, robotics et al and regulation-driven needs put additional pressure on the way companies are engaging with and attempting to understand seasonal employees. These spikes in demand occur not only during the holiday season but instead have become a "way of doing business".

So, what should companies do in this ever changing landscape? For all those interested in this, I am glad to let you know that "SAP Radio" is hosting a discussion aimed at understanding this emerging trend. Some key questions that will be addressed are:

  • What does an organization tend to gain and lose if they do not plan their workforce needs? How do they do this?

  • What are the best practices that organizations should adopt in hiring seasonal workforce all round the year?

Please join the leaders from SAP, Deloitte, RSR Research and me as we discuss the trends, concerns and the technology play involved in understanding these trends on the SAP Radio show 'Future of Business with Game-changers.'

You may tune in to the live radio show on Thursday, December 11, 2014 from 10 a.m. - 11 a.m. ET here.

This blog is posted on behalf of Mukesh Nakra, Associate Vice President, Retail, CPG & Logistics, Infosys.

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