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Airbus group speeds up financial closing with the SAP HANA platform

In today's digital world, one cannot understate the importance of data and information. Businesses that will exploit data the best will eventually win the battle for market share and customer loyalty. However, merely the ability to generate insights and perform analytics on different forms of data is not enough. You need solutions that are fast, simple, agile, and highly scalable. Traditional Business Intelligence or Data Warehouse solutions are simply unable to meet these demands simultaneously.

SAP HANA is a new paradigm in data platforms. It brings real-time high-performance capability to analytics and insights, without the complexity and high turnaround times associated with traditional systems. At the same time, it provides an agile and scalable platform for IT to respond to the constantly changing needs of businesses. HANA can be utilized in various forms and fashion across the business value chain for example supply chain, manufacturing, finance, HR, commercial, marketing and promotions, customer service, etc.

Recently we worked with Airbus on a very interesting and important initiative to establish an integrated reporting and planning solution based on SAP's state-of-the-art HANA in-memory platform. Airbus is a leading manufacturer of commercial aircrafts in the world with the most modern and comprehensive aircraft family on the market. Airbus believes that innovation is at the heart of everything they do - both external and internal. To support constant product and service innovations and ever increasing volumes and complexity of business operations, it needed to renew its internal systems and processes as well.

The Integrated Finance Reporting and Planning solution would simplify processes across business entities, establish common data model and replace multitude of legacy applications. It will enable Airbus to speed-up finance closing process, reduce manual efforts and provide new information capabilities to business users.

At SAPPHIRE we will talk about the Airbus story on May 5th at 12:00 PM EDT at Theater 2. Please do join us to learn more!

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This blog is posted on behalf of Parag Shrungarkar,Principal Technology Architect,Infosys.


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