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Powerful User Experience for Daimler with SAP Fiori and SAP ERP Application

It is a rare moment in the life of a SAP consultant to be appreciated for giving a new user experience, elicit a wow effect and be credited for making lives simpler and easier for his users.How did this happen? Well, that in essence is the impact of SAP Fiori.

When Infosys and Daimler started on the Fiori journey, there were many other considerations regarded as more important than an intuitive user interface. We thought about simplifying architecture, replacing legacy and going mobile as our key priorities. As we discovered Fiori, all of that changed rapidly.
From the stated intention of a pure IT and architectural change that would have minimal user involvement, it became quite clear that we couldn't stop the torrent of user feedback, their involvement and the keen willingness to co - create this transformation. We had to jointly embrace design thinking with the user, together uncover the underlying problems and carve out unique solutions from the boundless and limitless possibilities of Fiori.

It was a special experience to achieve a GI live in less than 6 months and prepare a platform for rapid adoption. Based on our rich story and the smiles which it brought on to the faces of our users we have reached two conclusions:

  • One, Fiori needs a different mindset but once you achieve that its Simple to implement as it gets the user to be doubly involved and to share responsibility for the outcome.
  • Two, it makes the life of the user very Simple and productive.

On behalf of Infosys, I welcome you to join our joint session with Daimler at SAPPHIRE NOW. Please attend the session and learn more about how you can embrace a powerful user experience in a simple way.

For more information on Infosys participation at SAPHIRE NOW, please visit

This blog is posted on behalf of Prateek Singh Mitter, Principal Consultant, Infosys

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