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Building A HCM Roadmap for Existing SAP HCM Customers Part 2

In order for HR to truly deliver on the promise of being "business partners," it needs to tell the story of business scenarios that are predicted to happen in the future, across all levels of the organization, which they do not already know about, and then provide recommendations on how to fix or exploit those scenarios.
We believe cloud technologies (Workforce Analytics) combined with the power of in memory computing such as HANA can certainly help here which traditional BI solutions could not achieve to do in so many years.
User Experience for core modules
In today's time UX (based on UI5/HTML5) plays a significant role in how we all work. SAP has shown its commitment towards the existing SAP HCM on-premise customers by investing in the new UX named HR Renewal for those customers who due to business reasons would like to continue to use on premise solution for core HCM and use SuccessFactors talent cloud in a hybrid situation. 
HR Renewal 2.0 based on EhP7 provides a beautiful user experience to satisfy the new generation of employees and their expectations. This also offers host of new functionalities and features along with pre-build integration with add ons such as SuccessFactors HCM Integr 1.0, SuccessFactors HCM Integr 2.0, SFSF Global Payroll 1.0 and SFSF EC Integration 1210.

SAP Fiori? Should you consider this and why?

SAP Fiori is the new user experience (UX) for SAP software. The intent of SAP is to make Fiori as HCM mobile standard, with role-based, beautiful apps centered on the most broadly and frequently used business functions to replace existing HCM mobile apps offering an user experience consistent with the broader HCM Renewal program which is unaffected for the remaining HR processes (as SAP Fiori only covers seven simple HR processes whereas HCM UX Renewal covers all HR processes).
Putting customers on transition path to a long-term unified user experience across all business functions - anywhere, any time it applies modern design principles for a completely reimagined user experience. 

Where to start and when?

As the SuccessFactors catch line says "Start anywhere. Go everywhere". I think that is very much applicable to all existing SAP HCM customers. The only caveat here is that there is no software constraint as such regarding where you should start and which direction you go however it all depends on your current HCM/business landscape, strategic approach and your transformational goals.  

Possible way to go forward for existing customers

To understand the complexity and types of existing SAP HCM customers let us see if we can divide the entire SAP HCM customer base in to the following categories and see what solution will help them:

* In case of customer not having SAP on premise Payroll and Time management and having a Cloud strategy in place can decide to move completely to SuccessFactors Cloud HCM or can decide to move sequentially as the case may be.

** In the case of customers having on premise SAP Payroll and Time Management functionalities in place can decide to go first for Hybrid then slowly move into the full cloud HCM.

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