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External Payroll Integration solution - Key Challenges

 This blog is posted on behalf of Krishnakumar Ramamoorthy, Technology Architect, Infosys

Are you a busy HRIS Executive looking for a new state-of-the-art integration solution to help you with your Employee Central Integration challenges? Or maybe you are looking for an integration solution which is flexible, intuitive and easy to use. In either case, cloud-based middleware platforms partnered with Infosys' cloud integration services has the tools you need in order to successfully roll out your short term and long term integration plans.

Let me take you through the example of a fictitious organization, Acme Corporation, a European client headquartered in United Kingdom. The European business consists of an extremely diverse environment covering 19 different countries, 10 languages, and 6 currencies.

Acme Corp has grown over the years largely through acquisitions, and as a result most of its functions are decentralized and processes are either unconnected, small country based systems or manual and localized. Client was facing many challenges due to non-availability of Single HR system as Employee Administration was carried out in Varied legacy systems.





The goal of the HR leadership was to create a business service program which has a modern, efficient, and effective HR function that is able to support future business needs with objectives of centralization, process optimization, and efficient Talent Management.

As a part of this strategy, the company was looking for a service provider with expertise in Program Management, Implementation of SuccessFactors Employee Central, and with a strong focus on cloud Integration.

Acme asked Infosys to do a deep dive assessment of their current landscape, identify opportunities for improvement, future proofing the HRIS solution and propose the best middleware platform moving forward.

Infosys quickly assembled a team of certified SuccessFactors and integration (in various middleware) experts to meet with the Acme to understand their business challenges and future transformational aspirations. Working together, the members of the team quickly identified current challenges as well as future transformational goals around HRIS solution and subsequent integration.

Current Challenges

  • HR operation and HR data was managed locally by each country.

  • Acme Corp is using numerous third party service providers for Payroll, Benefits, Fleet Services, and Absence Management.

  • Client Team involved in manual preparation of Employee Data during Month End Payroll processing in different countries with different vendors.

  • Company was looking at harmonizing its processes and introducing a single Regional HR system of record.

  • To build a strong system of record to support all people processes.

  • To get accurate employee data and head count reporting.






  • To get productivity analysis through time tracking and absence management.

  • To shift from traditional ways of working and devising enterprise strategy, security and support services to embrace the cloud.

  • Few Third Party Vendors were using older version of webservices.

  • Unavailability of standard connector in Boomi for older web service architectures.

  • Data security while transferring HR Sensitive data to Third Party Vendors.

  • Non-availability of an equal number of separate third party environments to the Success Factors Landscape.

I will take you through the solution that was chosen by Acme Corp and Infosys to overcome these challenges in my next blog. Do share your comments.

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