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External Payroll Integration solution - Infosys solution

This blog is posted on behalf of Krishnakumar Ramamoorthy, Technology Architect, Infosys

In Part 1 of this blog series, we looked at the case of Acme Corp. and the payroll integration challenges that it was facing. In this part, lets look at the Infosys solution proposed for the integration.

Acme Corp's future goals were:

  • Future proofing the integration solution

  • Maturity, potential, geography coverage , GTM strategy, future roadmap and solid business model

  • Customer relationship, adaptation rate and overall satisfaction

  • Broader platform support to minimize the number of platforms required

  • Seamlessly integrated with third party vendors

  • Out of box integrations with external vendors in order to streamline common integration points

  • Data Security on Cloud

Acme Corp along with Infosys chose SuccessFactors Employee Central as the platform for Regional HR solution. The Employee Central platform has been rolled out across all the countries and Employee Administration is carried in SAP SuccessFactors.

Infosys experts along with client team analysed the client situations in the following areas:

  • HCM Processes and Data: It is critical to understand the current business processes currently look and how the to-be process will look in the future should an organization adopt Employee Central. It is also critical to understand how the data will flow between different processes in the future. These understandings are crucial for the success of a future integration.


  • System of Records: Approximately 80% of the interfaces in an HCM environment appear in the HRIS system, so an organization is not only making a decision to change its HRIS system but also making the decision to use Employee Central as its System of Records as well as the main source of interface data for all third party systems. Due consideration should be paid to the overall business landscape rather than only HR systems and processes.


  • Cloud Roadmap: When considering Integration an organization must think about how its HCM and overall business roadmaps look in the short-term as well as long-term. The technology and systems around integration are changing much faster now than in previous years. Understanding the future direction of an organization will help it select the right tools for the integration.

Upon analyzing the above startegic points Infosys provided a generic architecure for the intergation. 

  • Dell Boomi has been used as middleware between SF EC and Third Party Service providers.

  • Data integration method changes, depending on Third Party Service provider's requirement, formats and standards.

Data transfer protocols

There are two possible ways to deliver the data.

  • With FTP interface.

  • With Webservices, xml fields embedded in a Soap connection is provided.


Integration via Webservices:

Employee data has been integrated with Third Party Vendors for payroll processing via Webservices on Daily or Monthly basis.



  • Data format  : Employee data in HTTP/soap+xml Requests format

  • Frequency of Transfer: Requests are generated by Dell Boomi batch Jobs on Daily or Monthly basis.

  • Type of Integration : Outbound

    Webservice Security Option:

    • Username Token is used as the Web Service Security Mechanism


      Integration via SFTP:

      Employee data has been integrated with Third Party Vendors for payroll processing via SFTP on Daily or Monthly basis.



  • Data format: Employee and Absence data in CSV file format.

  • Frequency of Transfer: Files are generated by Dell Boomi batch Jobs on Daily or Monthly basis.  

  • Type of Integration : Outbound

    SFTP Security Option:

  • PGP encryption has been used to secure the file transmitted from Dell Boomi to SFTP file location.

In the next part, I will take you through the achievements, benefits delivered and lessons learnt in this engagement. I look forward to your comments on this blog series.


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