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Case Study: Lessons Learned from Coke One North America's Hybrid SAP SuccessFactors Deployment

If you've ever wondered how to take all of the subtleties of your organization's human resources practices and consolidate them into one convenient, Cloud-based solution, then be sure to attend the May 17th SAPPHIRE NOW campus presentation in PS602 at 11 a.m. on "Lessons Learned from Coke One North America's Hybrid SAP SuccessFactors Deployment." The event will be hosted by Sandeep Dubey, Principal Consultant from Infosys and Chuck Moses, Sr. Group Manager, IT from Coke One North America.

Coke One North America is a conglomeration of Coca-Cola bottlers across the North American continent. The end goal of the project was to ensure that each of the bottlers adhered to a standard process with minimal deviations from standards. Such processes should be fairly similar whether they were based in, say, central Florida or in the heart of the Rockies. Performance Management, for instance, whether en masse or one special employee at a time, could be consolidated into an easy-to-use system that keeps all parts of the company in tandem.

That's because Infosys, through its HCM Practice, offered convenient end-to-end implementation and support services that made it seamless to put a single, overarching SAP SuccessFactors solution into place. Of course, it's not always easy to take a large organization with many subsidiaries running separate HR solutions for Performance Management, Corporate Learning, and Recruitment and wind them up all into one, streamlined solution.

Be sure to come to this valuable session. Plus, we invite you to visit our booth in the exhibition hall afterwards. You can talk directly with the session's host, Sandeep Dubey of Infosys, and learn about the important of having an experienced integrator. He might also tell you about how vital it is to have the ability to push back on localizations. Our mantra: Think Standard!


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