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Infosys Moves to Real-Time Business with SAP and Hitachi Data Systems

Want to know one of the largest deployments of SAP Business Solutions powered by SAP HANA? Talk to Infosys. We worked with Hitachi Data Systems to run the suite on the global electronics company's converged platform. Yes, it's true. We not only have an 18-year relationship with SAP as an implementation partner, but we're also a satisfied client.

It's important for potential adopters of SAP HANA to know that when you work with Infosys as a lead integrator and implementation partner on your digital journey, you're working with a global company that decided to adopt SAP HANA for its own operations. The seamless aspects of SAP HANA come in handy at Infosys, which has 194,000+ employees around the world. We have 600,000 invoices running through our SAP ecosystem alone. Our Web site has 6 million hits each day. With 30,000 new hires each year, Infosys doesn't see our workload diminishing. We're all about being able to scale up.

At one of the most well-received presentations at SAPPHIRE NOW 2016 event, Jitendra Sangharajka, Vice President, Infosys, joined Gregory Smith, VP - SAP Field Alliances, Hitachi Data Systems Corp., to talk about how Infosys is also a customer of SAP. That's a side to Infosys that people sometimes forget. But it places us in an even better position when other global corporations come to us for advice and guidance on implementing SAP HANA. We've been there!

Our deployment of SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA - concept to realization - began in 2014. We used four data centers. Some were a few miles apart. But one was 100 miles away from the rest. The thinking is that if one goes down, you don't lose anything because it's replicated somewhere else. It's about protecting your investment.

Once you decide on SAP HANA, there are multiple choices available. At Infosys, we were looking for a number of features for SAP HANA that Hitachi readily provided. First, we wanted certified equipment with SAP using the latest processor. We sought a simplified and built-in back-up arrangement. We were also looking for scalability with a common building block approach from small to large "t-shirt" size.

Hitachi LPAR provided support for SAP HANA instances. Additionally, Hitachi could give us scale-up to scale-out conversion support. We wanted to be safe unless tomorrow we wanted to scale out. Again, better safe than sorry! Hitachi was innovative here. The company offered an appliance that could do both. Last but not least, Hitachi has a proven service track record.

Then Infosys had to decide whether to do so with the side-car option or a full SAP HANA. The side-car requires multiple maintenance overhead. So we decided to go all-in with HANA. It was future-ready.

We were able to leverage multiple tools, such as automated load testing of the SAP system before the go-live. There was also performance-tuning of programs and system parameters based on results. It's good to get your firm's priorities right after you decide on an approach and infrastructure. A must-do: a mandatory code change must be completed before your migration to HANA.

It's also nice to have code optimization. A "can do later" is SAP HANA modeling and SQL scripting. All in all, you'll want to reduce the size of your database. If you do, your results should be phenomenal.

To make sure they are, extensive testing is the key to your success. Concentrate on mock system upgrades, then regression, integration testing, downtime optimization, development, testing, and finally production. The initial set-up was about infrastructure. But then we required more tests as time progressed and we wanted to add to the platform.

Remember: An upgrade need not be a show-stopper for your business. After all, we're looking at future additions ourselves. The future possibilities for Infosys are endless.


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