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Empower HR with knowledge-driven and cloud-based solutions

Posted on behalf of of Marco Dias - Associate Partner, Infosys Consulting and Ines Corte-Real - Principal, Infosys Consulting

Everything is moving faster these days - the demand for speedy service, instant responses and quicker deliveries. I am not surprised that there is so much buzz around becoming agile. Agile processes help businesses develop and execute new strategies rapidly and effectively. 

Business agility, however, is not limited to processes, systems and software. The most important, and often the most neglected, criterion is people. People run the processes, systems and software that make a company agile. So, to begin with, enterprises need to find the right talent for the right job. In my opinion, if enterprises are to stay ahead of the curve, they must first focus on optimizing their internal resources - their employees - and prepare them to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

This aspect, known as human capital management (HCM), can truly cement future business success if leveraged correctly. Let us look at some of the criteria that make up a successful HCM solution:

  • It should improve executive insight and decision-making by providing the right people with the right skills to get every job done right
  • It should leverage comprehensive and tightly-integrated talent management solutions along with workforce planning and analytics 
  • It should transform business strategies into measurable business outcomes by simplifying HR processes and maximizing employee engagement 
  • It should enable next-generation core HR capabilities based on modern technology that is easy to use
I think that the best solution is one that merges proven best practices with innovative technologies such as cloud. Maintaining a balance between the best of two dichotomous worlds - traditional and progressive - is not easy. But I truly believe it can help organizations deal with some of the pressing challenges confronting HR such as:

  • How to enable global capability and local flexibility 
  • How to leverage analytics so businesses can make the best decisions faster
  • How to deploy easy-to-use interfaces that simplify execution and deliver real results
Sometimes, understanding the depth and scope of this kind of transformation can be difficult. This is where choosing the right implementation partner becomes important. 

At the outset, the right partner helps simplify your solution roadmap and presents compelling business cases with customized demos. Through this approach, enterprises can be sure that their HCM transformation project not only meets their needs but is also executed optimally within stipulated budgets and timelines.

It also helps to have a partner who is knowledgeable about and adept at handling various HCM products available in the market. Besides helping you choose the right product for your business, proven implementation experience will be useful to predict, uncover, understand, and address challenges associated with such transformations. 

Finally, look for a partner that will bring to the table their own value-added services such as proprietary tools, accelerators, frameworks, and methodologies to enable process transformation, data automation, content conversion, and customized integration for your new HR HCM solution. This would certainly provide your enterprise unparalleled advantage. 


The Oracle cloud application consists of five major categories like oracle HCM, oracle ERP, Oracle customer Experience, Oracle supply chain management and oracle enterprise performance management. The oracle Human Capital Management Cloud API can be used for file uploads, web services and coexistence with PeopleSoft E-Business suite.

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