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Data Quality as a Service - Infosys DQneXT

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Infosys Data Quality Solution - DQneXT

"DQneXT" is Infosys's comprehensive Data Quality solution that addresses many of the Data Quality requirements of an Organization. The DQ solution is based on SaaS model, multi-tenant and hosted on Infosys's SAP Cloud Platform. The architectural advantage of this solution in comparison to a traditional DQ tool are as illustrated below

Typical Data Quality Program

Infosys - DQneXT

*      Typically On premise

*      Multiple tools for profiling, enrichment & deduplication

*      Rules are created for every customer

*      Timeline for implementation of 3 domains is 4-6 months

*      Mostly target master data

*      Annual License cost is applicable

*      Cloud based multi-tenant solution

*      SaaS based solution that works on subscription model

*      One stop shop for profiling, enrichment, de-duplication and more

*      Starts with a rich library of Rules 

*      Timeline for onboarding is in days

*      Goes beyond master data to handle transaction & configuration data

*      Flexibility to pick and choose services & pay as you go

 Services offered under DQneXT

Infosys offers a combination of several services that are typically desired by most Organizations in a single packaged application. These services are typically employed at different stages of the data quality program from Data Discovery to Data Archival. The different packaged services and their relevance in the data quality life cycle are illustrated below

  • Data Profiling Service

Data Profiling is a basic service aimed at providing insights into the current quality levels of data. This leverages a rich repository of rules for each domain consisting of frequently used business rules, industry standard rules and technical rules that drive the data maintenance in SAP. These profiling services help understand the status of enterprise data quality and help establish the cleansing requirements for the data. The data can be analyzed along various dimensions like Accuracy, Consistency, Completeness, Integrity, Duplicacy, etc. The data quality is measured against defined thresholds and represented in business friendly dashboards. There is provision for report extraction for business review and corrections.

  • Data Enrichment Service

Data enrichment service provides the capabilities for ensuring the identified issues with data are fixed using automated fixing rules. They can be leveraged for bulk and routine fixes where a large number of records have similar issues. The pre-determined fixing rules and capabilities help shorten the data remediation cycle times and helps prepare data for "Fit to Use"

  • Configuration and Data Management Service

This is a special service aimed at next set of capabilities that help proactively identify and resolve issues with configuration data quality that impacts business process and transactions. They are used for early detection of bad data in transactions that could be due to configurable, obsolete or restricted data that impacts the end processes and could cause downstream impact to business.

  • De-duplication Service

The de-duplication service is an essential service that finds use in duplicate identification and survivorship. Typical used cases are

(1) Identifying duplicate records from historical data and

(2) Prevention of new duplicates at the point of creation of data

The one time identification of duplicate data helps get rid of duplicate records in system and identify the surviving records. This cleanup helps in making unique data available to business transactions for consolidated reporting and analytics. Similarly, the prevention of creation of duplicate data helps in keeping system clean going forward basis and yielding better search results improving the overall health of organization's data.

Key benefits of this solution

The DQneXT solution / service offering has been designed keeping in mind the evolving trends in the industry leveraging the SaaS based offering on cloud called DQaaS. This has significant benefits compared to the traditional approach of on premise DQ tools pre-dominant in today's market.

  1. Client need not invest in expensive infrastructure, licenses and sign up for annual maintenance services
  2. Works on subscription model with flexibility to choose required services without having to pay for unwanted modules/services
  3. Packaged services with comprehensive offerings including profiling, enrichment, proactive problem identification and de-duplication
  4. Quick Client on-boarding process with pre-set processes that can be realized in a matter of few days
  5. Pre-delivered rich repository of rules consisting of master, transactional and configuration rules
  6. New rules added to the repository on an ongoing basis become available to the Clients at regular intervals without any significant cost or effort


Infosys DQneXT provides muti-dimension capabilities for identification and resolution of the data quality problem that Organizations try to address through multiple industry standard licensed tools. This provides a cost effective and efficient alternative to the businesses that are adapting to the cloud based services.

Next Blog : We will discuss "FAQ's on DQneXT "

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