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Navigate your Next with SAP on Cloud

Pathways to cloud
Sometimes in your near future or even already the Cloud topic would have prominently figured in your conversations around IT transformation. You have various priorities and ideas as to how to shape your future IT roadmaps. However, you must decide that the next new transformation that you undertake must be on the Cloud. 
Your pathways to cloud can start small, gather momentum across your organisation and eventually herald the renewal that you are looking for. But it needs to start with the cloud.  

Towards an intelligent enterprise
You could be an organisation that has spun off a business unit which needs a standard pre-configured SAP solution. With the SAP S/4 Hana Cloud, you can benefit from an AI powered ERP which goes beyond the typical "system of records" paradigm and delivers hassle free upgrades, best practices for your business and complete freedom from application operations.

You can also leverage a 2 tier architecture to connect your global subsidiary entities which run on S/4 Hana Cloud with an On-Prem SAP system in headquarters. You will have an unparalleled flexibility to acquire, divest or spin off entities as long as they are on the S/4 cloud with minimal impact to your core processes.

The most efficient LOBs
You benchmark your lines of business that do not contribute to any strategic advantage for you and find out that adopting best practices from hundreds of organisations with similar lines of business can significantly improve process efficiency. You could divert the savings to invest in processes that take your business further. With products like Ariba, SuccessFactors, Concur, Fieldglass, Gigya, Hybris and Callidus, you can let your LOBs run seamlessly on the cloud while building pipes with the rest of your organisation in  a Hybrid Cloud scenario

Your global data center 
You  could be a global conglomerate with manufacturing and retail entities across multiple countries, with many entities having their own SAP systems running on individual data centers. You experience extreme challenges in enabling compliance to your corporate standards and mandates on networking, security, application maintenance and above all business processes that run on the different instances. 
Shifting your workloads globally to a public cloud makes eminent sense as you get a grip on the variety of VM configurations, OS / DB mixes, network zones, security tools and uptime SLAs. You benefit from a guaranteed high availability, controlled and predictive maintenance, HW upgrades  and standardized disaster recovery. You get to scale your infra needs to your needs in turn saving significantly on costs. Above all, you are able to lay a foundation for your future digital transformation journey!

Digital transformation
With SAP Cloud Platform, you can kick start our digital initiatives without impacting your core SAP developments. Your outreach to your end customers and business partners can be significantly enhanced with portals design and hosted on the cloud platform which can give a tailored and individual user experience on your products and service offerings. 
With cool analytics like Vehicle Insights and other industry specific embedded offerings, you can empower your users to benefit from the power of Hana and the rich UX capabilities of tools like Lumira, Fiori etc.  The unprecedented merging of ERP data, data from sensors, point of sales systems and unstructured data from social media can reveal powerful facets into consumer sentiment, product usage and help generate new business streams.  

The connected eco-system
In the digital world where your assets, machines, products and processes are capable of relaying data via sensors, you need an infrastructure which can rapidly ingest such data, use AI or machine learning algorithms and predict events which help in decision making with significant impact on your business. SAP Leonardo, the SAP cloud based AI platform can become the host for all your digital twins for your customers, products and assets and guarantee your success in the connected enterprise.

The greenfield transformation initiative
You are looking at a S/4 based global transformation initiative which is supposed to replace a legacy ecosystem. In order to accelerate build and increase speed of deployments, you choose a public cloud to host your new S/4 landscape. 
The public cloud provides you the right sized infrastructure which can sale according to your needs as more users hook onto the system and transaction volume starts to grow. Typically, the build setup time for the landscape is 3X times lesser than any typical on-prem implementation of similar size.

The choice of public cloud
Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform and IBM Cloud all support SAP Hana and non-Hana workloads are certified to do so. However, Microsoft Azure stands out in terms of inter-operability offering between OS, SAP Netweaver and DB stacks.  Microsoft Azure also supports larger instances for Hana workloads so far than any other public cloud.
In terms of location coverage, Microsoft Azure has 50 regions across 140 countries, more than other cloud provider. 
Given the strong alliance between SAP and Microsoft, Azure will also host the SAP Hana Enterprise Cloud (private cloud option) as well as other SaaS offerings like Ariba, Concur, Hybris etc.

Infosys - Your full stack partner
Infosys offers an end to end partnership to help you step into the cloud. With robust methodology, tools and accelerators, Infosys is able to analyse your application portfolio, point out the impacts and chart a road-map for a seamless cloud migration. On the way, you will experience what an optimized mix of SaaS, IaaS and On-Prem could be. Your activities on OS migrations, DB conversions, Ehp upgrades, PI / PO upgrades, sizing, security, networking, authentication and communication will seamlessly blend in our cloud migration pathways. 
In addition, our long standing partnership with Microsoft assures you of management commitment from both our organisations, responsiveness and speed to be equal to any challenge during the project journey.

Navigate your Next
Transitioning to cloud is going beyond just a data center migration. It calls for a complete new mindset and an entry into a world where development and operations go hand in hand to deliver business value with speed.
More importantly, SAP migrations to cloud signal that the foundation is now ready for a new kind of transformation. The core of your IT organisation stands renewed and you can Navigate the Next digital frontiers with Scale and Agility.

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