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Self-service password reset using email in SAP

Many organizations that run SAP are spending huge time and money on manual password resetting processes. With more and more enterprises adopting SAP software since it offers all-inclusive set of integrated, cross functional processes, there is a need to automate self-service password management in SAP, providing a quick and easy way to ensure business continuity. This blog discusses simple and easy solution to deploy SAP Password Reset using email.

SAP customers spend hefty amount to implement manual password resetting procedure. Most companies make use of the help desk or someone from IT to assist users to reset their SAP passwords. There are also various tools available in the market for SAP Password Reset functionality (e.g. GRC PSS, AuditBOT Password Reset Tool etc.) that mandates companies to purchase their licenses. During the interval, user is not able to login to SAP system, (due to account being locked via incorrect logon attempts). This also impacts employee productivity thereby affecting organization's performance. In some cases, users contact the IT help desk by placing a call which again costs enterprises a lot of money.

Using the self-service SAP Password Reset via email automated process, a user will receive the initial password in fraction of seconds so he/she can they can quickly get back into the system to do his/her work. This solution works by user sending an email to the SAP system via inbound email functionality which will then trigger a custom class to reset the SAP password for the user and sending back the email to the user with Initial Password to login to the SAP system. This solution will work seamlessly in case user master data for the user is maintained in the desired SAP system. User ID is extracted from the email ID of the user using which he/she would have sent an email to SAP system for password reset. Basic validations like user should only be able to reset password in the SAP system in case locked due to incorrect logon attempts are incorporated in this solution. Users can also send email to the SAP system for SAP Password Reset using their mobile devices.

SAP Password Reset Process Flow using Email



SAP password reset using email functionality will have the following benefits for the enterprise:

·         Eliminate the need to dedicate valuable IT resources for such a trivial task.

·         It can be utilized as a self-service solution without the need to reach out to IT help desk.

·         Increase employee productivity within organization.

·         Eliminate costs associated with having dedicated IT help desk.

·         Solution works seamlessly with mobile devices as well.

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