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February 8, 2013

SAP... setting a trend of quicker, leaner & agile adoption.

Traditionally, the very thought of Enterprise Applications often struck a chord with several aspects large-scale: time-to-awareness, time to evaluate, installation infrastructure, implementation time and cost, to name a few. All in large scale - one of the main reasons that majority of the consumption came from relatively large enterprises. In recent times, however, this tradition has been seeing a fast disruption, in the world of SAP, through innovative software packaging models & effectively leveraging more recent technologies.

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January 23, 2013

Embracing Mobile Solutions... Why Shy?

Mobile solution adoption by enterprises is on the rise, but not at a pace such new highly potent technology would normally see. There are evident factors driving this slow cautious trend. SAP has consolidated its position as a leader in the Mobile platform space. How has it done and what is it up to next? And, more importantly how will this move from SAP help itself and its ecosystem that partners like Infosys are part of, to offer greater confidence to enterprises in embracing Mobilization?

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September 23, 2012

Importance of Functional Concept & Design in Mobile Solutions

Adoption of Mobile solutions is on the rise and if reports from market analyses are any indication, there is no slowdown in the growth in the foreseeable future. One study forecasts that roughly 35% of the global workforce will be embracing Mobile solutions by 2013. Enterprises and consumers alike are driving the adoption rates, which are further impelled by the fast evolution in the capabilities of Mobile devices and increasing speeds of Mobile networks. Whereas there is a burgeoning number of Mobile solutions becoming available to consumers (at present, there are more than 500,000 Mobile applications available at Apple's App Store for its iPhone or iPad devices), adoption in the enterprises is seeing a restrained growth and is not treaded without caution - for all valid reasons. In enterprises, while Mobile solutions of interest are restricted to a realm of relevant business processes with targeted benefits such as productivity increase, cost reductions, enhanced customer satisfaction, etc., implementing those solutions will need considerations such as drawing business case, aspects of security, governance mechanisms, choice of technology, roadmap for investment and expansion of user-base and more - most of which are usually not of much concern in the case of consumers. Enabling enterprises to address these considerations will help them ease up the restraint, in turn helping to drive up the adoption rates. Business Consultants and System Integrators, such as Infosys, have a crucial role to play in enabling enterprises through the entire lifecycle of Mobile solutions from Idea to Implement, including identifying the right & relevant business scenarios, developing business case, formulating platform & security strategies, designing and building the solutions or adopting pre-configured solutions, and finally deploying them. Particularly, the business & functional consultants have an indispensable part to play in this lifecycle for Mobile solutions and the ensuing sections of this paper aim to provide a view on why and how.

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