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May 25, 2016

An Innovative E-Commerce Experience with SAP HANA

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most challenging in the world. Just ask any pharma or biotech executive the costs and time involved in critical research & development tasks. But when a large pharmaceutical firm started to experience a slower pricing engine and delayed inventory status, the company's leaders knew that these were issues they could address proactively with Information Technology.

The pharma firm worked with Infosys to implement SAP HANA. Ramesh J. Chougule, AVP - Partner - Business Consulting, Infosys, told the packed crowd at the SAPPHIRE NOW 2016 break-out session that implementing SAP HANA was a way to turn around what was a growing customer dissatisfaction. But there was something different about this session than any of the others at the conference. Mr. Chougule of Infosys said that he would be discussing a proof-of-concept case; in other words, Infosys had not yet completed the implementation.

Discussing a proof-of-concept case study is fairly rare at conferences in which the client tends not to want to discuss details of the issues the company faced until the implementation is signed, sealed, and delivered. But the pharma firm was so pleased with what Infosys proposed that they decided to talk about it in this fascinating break-out session. That's because the proposed implementation showed that SAP HANA would help stem the loss of revenue from inefficiencies and improve annual performance to 5,000 percent from 50 percent.

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May 23, 2016

Infosys Moves to Real-Time Business with SAP and Hitachi Data Systems

Want to know one of the largest deployments of SAP Business Solutions powered by SAP HANA? Talk to Infosys. We worked with Hitachi Data Systems to run the suite on the global electronics company's converged platform. Yes, it's true. We not only have an 18-year relationship with SAP as an implementation partner, but we're also a satisfied client.

It's important for potential adopters of SAP HANA to know that when you work with Infosys as a lead integrator and implementation partner on your digital journey, you're working with a global company that decided to adopt SAP HANA for its own operations. The seamless aspects of SAP HANA come in handy at Infosys, which has 194,000+ employees around the world. We have 600,000 invoices running through our SAP ecosystem alone. Our Web site has 6 million hits each day. With 30,000 new hires each year, Infosys doesn't see our workload diminishing. We're all about being able to scale up.

At one of the most well-received presentations at SAPPHIRE NOW 2016 event, Jitendra Sangharajka, Vice President, Infosys, joined Gregory Smith, VP - SAP Field Alliances, Hitachi Data Systems Corp., to talk about how Infosys is also a customer of SAP. That's a side to Infosys that people sometimes forget. But it places us in an even better position when other global corporations come to us for advice and guidance on implementing SAP HANA. We've been there!

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May 19, 2016

Sapphire Blog: Building Business Value with SAP S/4HANA

Every business that wants to succeed in the 21st century needs to have a solid digital core. So I was fascinated by the gathering of different industry executives at the session dedicated to building business value with SAP S/4HANA at this week's Sapphire Now conference. Kiran Gole, Principal - Business Services Information Systems - SAP Practice, Infosys, was joined by technology leaders from SAP, New York Life Insurance Co., Karma Automotive, and CEITEC (a Brazilian-sponsored technology company), all of whom talked about how they re-imagined their business models and improved consumer engagement by leveraging a new, digital core.

You must be wondering: How do you re-imagine your company's position in an industry as traditional as the automotive arena?  Well, automakers deal with suppliers. Lots of them. The largest, Tier 1 suppliers, can practically build cars themselves. If your auto business can operate in real-time with other suppliers and the manufacturers themselves, then you are at a tremendous advantage. One of the panelists, Ketan Gohil of Karma Automotive, said the company went through ups and downs in years past but in 2014 taken over and renamed Karma. But then something even bigger happened: the company's digital transformation. "We wanted to make a robust and scalable finance platform, but also make it simple," Mr. Gohil said about adopting the S/4HANA business platform.

It's been exactly one year since SAP unveiled S/4HANA. A company spokesman said that there are now more than 180 customers running the robust finance platform. Kiran Gole of Infosys told the standing room-only crowd that every five or six years Infosys goes through new journey when SAP unveils a big new product like S/4HANA. Infosys, both a customer and partner of SAP, explored lots of possibilities when it was deciding to upgrade its finance platform, according to Mr. Gole. They experienced some complex landscapes but to their satisfaction discovered that SAP had embedded everything into one landscape. From a holistic point of view, said Mr. Gole, S/4HANA really brought business value into the organization. Doing so wasn't merely a migration, but a new formation, he said.

Infosys went from contract to go-live in just five months, according to Mr. Gole. "In the first part of our journey, there were lots of learnings," he said. "It's a single landscape and not just about simple financial solutions." Mr. Gole told the crowd that it took Infosys much shorter than expected to implement S/4HANA because of its simple and seamless nature.

At Karma Automotive, Ketan Gohil said that after the company's acquisition in 2014, they went through lots of "what if?" scenarios. The IT team wondered what platform the newly merged company should use. Sometimes the decisions were difficult to reconcile, he said. But now everything at Karma Automotive is integrated. "Now we are able to do any kind of business analysis and planning because we moved to S/4. We can easily integrate apps out of the box, so that's another migration reason," he said.

Another panelist, Ray Carney of New York Life Insurance Co., said they wanted to transform the roles of their finance professionals. The insurance company also needed to streamline operations and get consistency and transparency. "People can do their jobs better when they work on a streamlined platform," Carney said. The insurance company has also experienced faster processing and better output in reporting, which allows its finance professionals to perform their jobs better. People are rethinking how they do things, according to Carney, and really working to re-engineer their day-to-day jobs.

May 15, 2016

Case Study: Global E-Commerce Platform Boosts Sales for Becton, Dickinson and Company

Date: May 19, Thursday | Time: 11:00 - 11:20 EDT
Location: PS601 | Session ID: ES34593

Join speakers Don Chaney, IT E-Business Manager, BD Life Sciences, and Nitin Saini, Delivery Manager, Infosys

Becton, Dickinson & Co., one of the world's leading medical supply companies, realized that its traditional business-to-business (B2B) commerce platform, largely unchanged since the company's founding in 1897, could be as rich and colorful as a current-day business-to-consumer (B2C) experience. Why couldn't its main consumers - mostly healthcare institutions, scientific researchers, clinical laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies - experience the same sort of shopping features that a customer on a major e-commerce Web site enjoy? Rich features like Inventory visibility, real-time inventory status, convenient service, self-service, Reorder and order history.

When IT representatives of Becton, Dickinson spoke with consultants at Infosys, they came to agree that SAP's robust Hybris B2B platform would be just what the doctor ordered. The company was soon leveraging a platform that could do it all, including mimicking the rich experience of a consumer in a shopping mall. SAP Hybris had modules that boasted features like out-of-the-box approval workflow and user management. But Infosys consultants also introduced Becton, Dickinson to the full scope of what SAP Hybris could do for their organization. This meant leveraging the full capability of SAP Hybris 5.1 with PIM, WCMS, B2B Store, and a full array of mobile features. In short, Infosys introduced the company to SAP Hybris features that indeed mimicked B2C shopping journeys by extending B2C features.

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May 12, 2016

Case Study: Lessons Learned from Coke One North America's Hybrid SAP SuccessFactors Deployment

If you've ever wondered how to take all of the subtleties of your organization's human resources practices and consolidate them into one convenient, Cloud-based solution, then be sure to attend the May 17th SAPPHIRE NOW campus presentation in PS602 at 11 a.m. on "Lessons Learned from Coke One North America's Hybrid SAP SuccessFactors Deployment." The event will be hosted by Sandeep Dubey, Principal Consultant from Infosys and Chuck Moses, Sr. Group Manager, IT from Coke One North America.

Coke One North America is a conglomeration of Coca-Cola bottlers across the North American continent. The end goal of the project was to ensure that each of the bottlers adhered to a standard process with minimal deviations from standards. Such processes should be fairly similar whether they were based in, say, central Florida or in the heart of the Rockies. Performance Management, for instance, whether en masse or one special employee at a time, could be consolidated into an easy-to-use system that keeps all parts of the company in tandem.

That's because Infosys, through its HCM Practice, offered convenient end-to-end implementation and support services that made it seamless to put a single, overarching SAP SuccessFactors solution into place. Of course, it's not always easy to take a large organization with many subsidiaries running separate HR solutions for Performance Management, Corporate Learning, and Recruitment and wind them up all into one, streamlined solution.

Be sure to come to this valuable session. Plus, we invite you to visit our booth in the exhibition hall afterwards. You can talk directly with the session's host, Sandeep Dubey of Infosys, and learn about the important of having an experienced integrator. He might also tell you about how vital it is to have the ability to push back on localizations. Our mantra: Think Standard!

May 11, 2016

External Payroll Integration solution - Achievements and benefits

Posted on behalf of Krishnakumar Ramamoorthy, Technology Architect, Infosys

In this blog series, we looked at the Acme Company and its integration challenges in Part 1, Acme's future goals and study of client situations in Part 2. In this part, let's look at achievements, benefits delivered and lessons learnt.


By leveraging the Infosys IMPACT framework that combines Infosys' project management methodology with SuccessFactors SAP Launch Methodology, Infosys implemented a strategic solution for:
- SuccessFactors Employee Central within fixed time frames of 14 weeks.
- 14 weeks includes: Design, Implement, Testing, Data Migration, Language Translation, Production Cutover, and Post Go-Live Support for Pilot and Rollout
- Employee Central Integration with Third Party External Systems using Dell Boomi cloud integration platform has been delivered for 17 countries.
- Germany Go-live is in process.
- Switzerland Roll-out is being planned.

Benefits Delivered
Some of the key benefits delivered  by this integration include:
- Better visibility and control of Employee data at the HQ level.
- Employee Central acts as Regional HR system of record.
- Employee Data Integration with Payroll System is carried out via Automated Batch Jobs.
- No manual intervention by the Client Team during Payroll Processing.
- All Systems will be in Sync and there is no Risk associated with some employees are not getting paid on time due to non-availability of required data.

Lessons Learnt
Some of the key lessons learned by Infosys integration team include:
- Understand data flow between different Service Provider Systems / Potential implications to business processes.
- Use a vendor recommended Cloud Integration Architecture.
- Identify interface-compatible data integration methods via Webservice, SFTP etc.
- Use Generic Integration Architecture to reduce significant reduction in integration implementation time and cost.
- Resources with deep on premise knowledge of Personnel Administration, Benefits, Time, and Payroll can help to devise solutions.
- Lack of buy-in for this change, particularly from local HR managers. Coupling with regional workshop, we made extra effort involving key members to the project at an early stage to build the ownership towards the change.

Looking forward for your comments on this payroll integration blog series. I invite you to visit Infosys booth #410 at Sapphire Now and meet Infosys SuccessFactors experts who can definitely help you out with designing and implementing the best payroll integration solution for your company.

Infosys SAP HANA Journey

Posted on behalf of Jitendra Sangharajka D., VP & Senior Delivery Manager, Information Systems

SAP is the core enterprise platform that forms the backbone for all key business areas including Finance, HCM, P2P, Planning & Budgeting and Data Warehousing.

Infosys has nearly two decades of history of having well organized and coordinated set of processes for all the business stakeholders across Finance, HR, Subsidiaries and delivery units. These core processes are hosted across 15+ SAP solutions and in-house developed applications. Our SAP Solutions are deployed on 90+ SAP instances hosted on 150+ servers, 100+TB of storage. 100% of our non-PRD environment is virtualized with innovative front-end virtualization for ASCS (ABAP SAP Central Services) and SCS (SAP Central Services). All our application server instances in production environment are virtualized too.

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May 9, 2016

External Payroll Integration solution - Infosys solution

This blog is posted on behalf of Krishnakumar Ramamoorthy, Technology Architect, Infosys

In Part 1 of this blog series, we looked at the case of Acme Corp. and the payroll integration challenges that it was facing. In this part, lets look at the Infosys solution proposed for the integration.

Acme Corp's future goals were:

  • Future proofing the integration solution

  • Maturity, potential, geography coverage , GTM strategy, future roadmap and solid business model

  • Customer relationship, adaptation rate and overall satisfaction

  • Broader platform support to minimize the number of platforms required

  • Seamlessly integrated with third party vendors

  • Out of box integrations with external vendors in order to streamline common integration points

  • Data Security on Cloud

Acme Corp along with Infosys chose SuccessFactors Employee Central as the platform for Regional HR solution. The Employee Central platform has been rolled out across all the countries and Employee Administration is carried in SAP SuccessFactors.

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It's Now or Never When It Comes To Digital

Posted on behalf of Vibhuti Kumar Dubey, Vice President and Service Offering Head - SAP

I'm sure you have heard colleagues having fun saying: Go digital or go home! Well, even though it's meant to be a light-hearted slogan, there is a serious side to what they're saying. Now is the time to reimagine your commitment to customers and your purpose in changing the digital world. Companies have to hop on the digital bandwagon sooner rather than later.

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May 8, 2016

External Payroll Integration solution - Key Challenges

 This blog is posted on behalf of Krishnakumar Ramamoorthy, Technology Architect, Infosys

Are you a busy HRIS Executive looking for a new state-of-the-art integration solution to help you with your Employee Central Integration challenges? Or maybe you are looking for an integration solution which is flexible, intuitive and easy to use. In either case, cloud-based middleware platforms partnered with Infosys' cloud integration services has the tools you need in order to successfully roll out your short term and long term integration plans.

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May 4, 2016

Compensation challenges and how SAP SuccessFactors' Compensation and Variable pay solution can help

Posted on behalf of Srinivasa Rao Edara, Principal - Enterprise Applications, Infosys

Are you a busy compensation manager executive looking for a new state of the art compensation solution to help you with your compensation challenges? Or maybe you're looking for a compensation solution which is flexible, intuitive and easy to use. In either case, SAP's cloud-based SuccessFactors compensation platform, partnered with Infosys, has the tools you need to successfully roll out your short term and long term compensation plans.

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Infosys invites you to SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference 2016

Posted on behalf of Dinesh Rao, Senior Vice President & Head - Enterprise Application Services

On behalf of Infosys, I invite you to attend SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference (May 17-19) being held at Orlando, FL. Do attend our joint speaking sessions with clients, experience our solutions and connect with our experts in Booth # 410 and understand how they can help you jumpstart your digital journey.

Watch this video in which I cover some key elements of Infosys' participation at this year's event.

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July 14, 2015

Infosys is a Gold sponsor of SuccessConnect 2015

SuccessConnect is one-of-a-kind conference that brings together SuccessFactors, its partners, customers, and thousands of HR practitioners, experts and leaders from across the globe. This event provides an excellent opportunity for attendees to share and discuss the latest developments in your industry and technological solutions and strategies for attracting, developing, engaging and retaining the best workforce talent to achieve your organizational goals.

How has been your HCM Transformation journey so far? Have you considered to take advantage of the best practices offered by cloud solution and analytics? Meet our experts to understand how Infosys uses its HCM Transformation framework to make your business cloud ready, optimize your processes, policies and align the solution landscape to maximize the ROI and achieve business goals.

Infosys is a Gold sponsor at SuccessConnect 2015 - flagship event of SuccessFactors (An SAP company) - which will be held from August 10 to August 12 in Las Vegas, Nevada, US. We will be showcasing our SuccessFactors and SAP HCM capabilities in booth # G22.

Looking forward to meet you at the event.

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