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July 11, 2018

Navigate your Next with SAP on Cloud

Pathways to cloud
Sometimes in your near future or even already the Cloud topic would have prominently figured in your conversations around IT transformation. You have various priorities and ideas as to how to shape your future IT roadmaps. However, you must decide that the next new transformation that you undertake must be on the Cloud. 
Your pathways to cloud can start small, gather momentum across your organisation and eventually herald the renewal that you are looking for. But it needs to start with the cloud.  

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January 9, 2014

Operational integration in country organisations

The customer facing automotive supply chain has evolved over the years in a tiered fashion considering the product lines, the dealership structure and the legal regulations in countries. It has resulted in a multiplicity of organisational units which are quite adept and responsive to the needs to of the customer, but leave a lot of optimisation and efficiency potential to be realised. The potential is even more discerning given the way IT has evolved over the years in finding new avenues for business to be leaner and agile. The overarching aim of the business to harmonize, consolidate and automate business processes is deeply embedded in the desire for a new integration and optimization paradigm which is taking shape at the country / market level.

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February 24, 2013

What's your mobility quotient?

In his keynote on the BlackBerry 10 launch, Thorsten Heins, the CEO of BlackBerry (or erstwhile RIM), talked about the transformation to mobile computing from a mere mobile communication. In this space of mobile computing, the mobile device is always on, connected simultaneously to personal and enterprise worlds and enables a seamless user experience reliably and securely. The BB 10 and its ecosystem of partners and developers is already moving in the direction of mobile computing and so are others among the wide gamut of stakeholders in enterprise mobility.

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December 15, 2012

Integrating Shared Services

The perspective on shared services as a concept has really evolved in the last decade. Close to 80% of the Global 2000 companies have tried to bundle their back-office processes to be operated under a common umbrella of a Shared Service Organization (SSO). The targeted benefits have been immense in terms of cost savings and process harmonization. The organizational investments in processes become easier and focused as opposed to investments in disparate local departments and business units. There is a significant improvement in performance metrics and the organization works with defined SLAs and KPIs which increases transparency. A year on year productivity growth has also been one of the secular trends established by most SSOs

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August 3, 2012

A Reset in Outsourcing

Randy Mott, the CIO of General Motors made a powerful statement when he announced the end of IT outsourcing as GM knew it. A company just bank from the brink of bankruptcy now has the gumption to raise its headcount by thousands and in a non-core area. In many more ways than ever he also signalled the end of an era where multi-year, multi-billion outsourcing contracts which have dominated the world of IT service providers and have driven their businesses. The contours of outsourcing and the business model of IT service providers now looks vulnerable and hazy atleast for some years from now.

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