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October 27, 2013

End of life program for SAP systems

Typically End of life period for hardware will be 5 years and software will be 2 yrs (It may differ vendor to vendor and depends on organization policy). SAP EOL policy is different from other softwares. It spans 3 or more years for software and extend the support for hardware in coordination with hardware partenrs. SAP policy for End of Patch, End of Maintenance, and End of life (support) is available and it is well monitored with solution manager maintenance tool. For example EOL for SAP BusinessObjects XI 3.1: December 31, 2015 this is the date that patch support will end. It is scheduled to reach End of Priority-One Support on December 31, 2017. For End of Life - Support (Product) cases customers should explore the migration options with their SAP Sales Account Executives.


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March 21, 2012

HANA fever - OLTAP

Most of us are showing interest to know about new SAP HANA. In simple words, it is another database. But if we consider the market(customers/clients/companies) demand, HANA has a great value in coming months/years.

I don't wish to go into more technical. But I wish to share my ideas with our colleagues(Infosys community).

In typical ERP, we have OLTP and OLAP systems. There is a lag between data processing and data availability for analytics.

HANA makes difference in reducing the time lag and help the upper management in changing the strategy in few hours/minutes.

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October 8, 2010

SAP Security design strategy for a transformation program (Part 2)

In the part-1 blog, the main topics in a business transformation were covered at high level.
In current Part-2 blog, the global process will be discussed.
A global process-oriented approach requires generally accepted (standardized) and comparable descriptions of work processes. Therefore, the key purpose of global SAP Roles is to have a uniform basis with global principles.

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