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November 14, 2012

Positioning of SAP's EIM components gets clearer at SAPPHIRENOW Madrid 2012

In spite of adding multiple components by SAP in its Enterprise Information Management (EIM) portfolio, the positioning of various components started getting clearer. Well, is it becuase just that we now started accepting to see the ambiguity around the tools or it is really clearer. I feel, the second, it is clearer now.

Now EIP has SAP MDM, MDG, Information Steward, Business Objects (DS DI & DQ together) and now youngest baby MDM DS (Data services) on HANA.  

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November 8, 2012

MDM for end to end Product datamanagement and enrichment

Most of the MDM implementations focus on maintaining certain pieces of information that is of good quality and governed. While most of the MDM programs success to meet these requirements by means of using various technologies they often fail to address the end to end business process needs and business continuity if MDM implementation is not looked at holistically from end to end business process point of view.


A recent SAP MDM based Product Master solution, focuses on the

·         Product data initiation from an R&D system

·         Enrichment for packaging, commercial information, safety information, labels and trade names by different departments

·         Distribution to around 15 operational systems in the logical model that is suitable for those areas


Thus MDM is no longer doing data maintenance, but it is enabling the product development process. Various SAP and non-SAP technologies used in the process: SAP MDM, SAP CE, PI, Custom Data Base, ABAP/ECC, SAP BI.


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