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July 17, 2013

Touching the Cloud - Part I

Having worked in ERP domain for most of my IT career, I always thought Cloud is hype! While I appreciate various benefits Cloud technology offers, I wondered how can large enterprises, with heavy investment in on-premise ERP landscapes, adopt this Cloud innovation. What happens to their current IT investments? Do these fancy cloud offerings rip & replace their existing on-premise solutions? What happens to current process design and the historical data they have amassed over number of years? In fact I believed Cloud is only for small companies who can't afford to have their own IT infrastructure. I was convinced Cloud is just as distant & misty for large ERP customers as the real clouds in sky! 

However last month, when I was required to prepare for a customer meeting, I broke my myth. I had to propose Cloud adoption options for one of our large pharma customer having highly complex & heterogeneous IT landscape with myriad of ERP & legacy applications. Frankly I was clueless hence I decided to check how SAP plans to address this dilemma.

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