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10 Ways to Transform Customer Service Experience in 2013

Posted by Gopal Devanahalli (View Profile | View All Posts) at 4:33 PM

As the New Year approaches, I've been thinking about the state of customer service at enterprises. As someone who spends a lot of time re-imagining the possibilities of customer service, the first thing that comes to my mind is the challenges. What ticks off customers? Why aren't contact centers as productive as they can be? What impedes enterprises from delivering a memorable experience to customers?

As I went about answering these questions, the answers evolved to a list. And I find that this list can be viewed as customer service or contact center trends for 2013. So take a look at the slideshow below, and share your views at the end of the slideshow. Or leave a comment. Let's talk about what it takes to deliver a great 'experience.'


Very insightful post Gopal. Today the entire contact center industry is going through a paradigm shift. Customers no longer wait forever to get their issues resolved and they use various social media channels to voice their issues. There is definitely a need for customer experience product that will:

(1) Empower the agents to resolve the issues efficiently
(2) Has active listening across social channels to provide pro-active support
(3) Transforms contact centers from cost centers to revenue generating units

very nicely written post

One of the main reason for customer churn is due to their interaction with people who are indifferent to their needs. A well defined roadmap for customer service coupled with innovative ideas will not only reduce churn but also help realize higher revenues for enterprises.

Peer care... that's something new. Could work in one-off cases where someone helps out on social media, but wonder if it will get operationalized en masse. Interesting nonetheless.

If I had to suggest one more way to improve customer experience, that would be ensuring follow throughs with customers. If a customer and sales team interaction did not result in deal closure for whatever reasons, there is no reason this lead should be lost for good. If we can provide a mechanism by which we follow through with the customer in a non-intrusive way, I am sure we can eventually win over this customer. I am referring to Indian business context here.

Insightful messages, Gopal.
I believe hiring the right people ( people with good attitude) coupled with indepth on customer service with real insights, floor experiences should be added to this list.Thanks

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