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Hell Hath No Fury Like a Customer Scorned

Posted by Gopal Devanahalli (View Profile | View All Posts) at 2:26 PM

And the heat is usually felt by agents and businesses alike. Can there be a happily ever after?

The vocal drill or exercising the vocal cords is easily associated with a professional singer. Nowadays, it has acquired a different meaning. What starts at a lower decibel level challenges the permissible levels allowed in public - most often when people are speaking with their customer service executives. When you listen in on the conversations, the most common phrases are, "No that is not what I said," "I don't think you are getting my problem," "I already explained my problem before." 
Lost in translation? Perhaps. And a conversation that gives us a feeling of déjà vu. So, what can you do to bridge the gap so the customer can be on the same page as her/his agent? What makes the customer lose his patience on the double? Here are some reasons:

1. Customers expect a seamless user experience
Contact centers are grappling with bridging the gap between expectation and reality. The connected customer expects a service where she/he is able to start an interaction on one platform, and finish resolving an issue on another. 

2. Customers hate repeating themselves
Imagine repeating your basic information every time you speak with your customer service agent, especially when you have to do it more than once. You are put on endless hold, and the agent comes back to you with a wait time and not a solution to your problem. The customer, needless to say, is at the end of her/his patience.

3. Customers are caught between silos
Interactions of customers with the various functions of the company happen in a dismembered fashion. Customers are literally caught between the silo shifts. And because of this, there is confusion among service, sales, marketing, and brand initiative in the customer's mind.

4. In an instant world, instant resolutions are expected 
According to industry reports, more than 40% customers cite delay in service as the most frustrating aspect of customer service. Every time the customer is put on hold, it is results in a chipping away of customer loyalty toward the brand. Quickening the resolution process will amount to better customer experience.

Customer service management professionals need to work on breaking down communication silos within and outside customer service, look for faster resolution, and provide a unified customer experience. So is there a solution? One that enables the customer to end an agent call where he needn't raise his voice and still be smiling?


Hey have hit the right chords. Customer needs are somehow not really is understood by organizations and the technology vendors.

I will suggest to have an 'All the above' as one of the options in the poll :)

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