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The Goose That Lays The Golden Egg

Posted by Naresh Kothari (View Profile | View All Posts) at 1:50 PM

When your customer contact centers not only reduce costs, but also help generate revenue 

More revenue.That is what all businesses are after. And to increase revenues, they look to every place they can think of, except their contact center. Why? Because there is a preconceived notion that all contact centers are just good to reduce costs. While this is true, the inherent potential of contact centers has not been fully explored yet - that of being a revenue enhancer. And the first step to more revenue is a first-rate service experience.

Solving customer problems is the primary task of a contact center agent. If it's an irate customer, you have to be as quick and efficient as possible. But when customers are happy (with your service and product), there's an opportunity for the agents and businesses to cross-sell. It's no trickery. It's just a reward.

Industry data reveals that for every satisfied customer, there is a 20% increase in cross-selling acceptance rate. It's high time enterprises explore this opportunity to connect with customers, enhance satisfaction, and increase revenue. 

Another avenue to explore is social media. The amount of information available on social media is humongous.Enterprises are still trying to make sense of it, and more importantly, make money from it.

In an economic climate where ROI is the buzzword, it is important to remember to invest money and make more money. Aligning an enterprise contact center's knowledge management solution with best practices guarantees increased ROI. 

But the big question is: how can enterprises tie these various elements together to increase their revenue? 

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