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Preparing for Distributech 2011-Weekly Wrap-up

Welcome back to the Smart Utilities Blog! As Infosys prepares for DistribuTECH 2011, we will continue to showcase our thoughts, opinions and industry insights as they relate to Smart Grid, the Transmission and Distribution ecosystem and the utilities industry as a whole. I will be serving as a the community moderator up to the February 1 start date for Distributech and then our team of live bloggers will take over.

At DistribuTECH, Infosys will showcase our diverse portfolio of solutions for Smart Grid, including Infosys Smart Integrator, Infosys Demand Side Management and Infosys Smart Customer Portal. Follow the links to get additional information and drop by our booth to see the demo first hand.

Weekly Wrap-up:
Smart Grid Security:Tarun discussed the concept that we are at a crossroad for Smart Grid. We will be highlighting our security experience as well our growing network of security partnerships at our booth.

Price Sensitive Residential Demand Response: In Devendra's blog on Price Senstitivity of Demand Respons he illustrates the hurdles in implementation of demand respond in the residential environment. Infosys has signficant experience in orchestrating demand response programs and can showcase how both Infosys Smart Customer Portal and Infosys Smart Integrator allow utilities to roll our faster, manage more effficiently and maximum their return on investment with demand response programs.

Keep following our blogs throughout the week as our community of subject matter experts post thoughts and opinions that will most certainly be driving Distributech 2011.

Ben Edelbrock

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