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Meter Data Management System: What to look for

Majority of the utilities are currently focusing on setting up AMI infrastructure for meeting regulatory requirements, green power initiatives and other business benefits.
AMI meters are being rapidly deployed and data is being collected, but utilities did not really start realizing the benefits of collected data and other AMI capabilities to remotely perform transactions apart from just getting the monthly billing read. Initially billing might be interested in the data but gradually other groups with the organization would demand for the data. The key to successful AMI implementation is to leverage the value of meter data. The primary interface for any large scale AMI system is the Meter Data Management Systems (MDMS), and the MDMS forms an integral part of AMI.
Meter Data Management System (MDMS) is used as common repository for AMI meter data and its suite of applications are used for variety of analysis and help in realizing the business benefits by integrating with other utility systems. MDMs is also looked as single interface for all the utility system to communicate with AMI.

While evaluating for such an important system, the following have to be considered:

•MDM integration with utility applications should be vendor agnostic. MDM should manage the integration with AMI and when an new AMI system or technology is brought in the system needs to be integrated only with MDM

•Identifying the attributes to be maintained in MDM is critical. You will need to maintain some entities from CIS and need to be very cautious about what you want to maintain in MDM and define the system based on your business needs. People in the team should understand the expectation and not think of it as CIS replacement. As much as possible meter related information have to be maintained

•Performance of MDM is another critical aspect. You should have right expectations from the beginning on performance in terms of loading the data and cleansing the data.

•Reporting is critical feature. So much of data is being maintained to make good use of the data in other business application or process. It is very important to have flexibility in reporting data out of MDM.

•Identifying right business services (ex: Connect, Disconnect, On Request Read, Meter Program change, Billing Read Request, Demand Reset) that are needed

These are some of the basics that you need to be aware of. It is very important to do system appreciation and do the right requirements to meet your business needs.

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