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Underrated Customer Service Benefits of AMI

In my previous life I sold AMI systems to a utilities.  After the one utility in particular had bought the system I asked the CEO why he needed the AMI system.  It was not obvious to me that he could save lots of money in meter reading as his territory was fairly dense and his cost of meter reading was not very high. This utility was a midsized utility.  He asked me to go with him to the lobby and he pointed out to whole bunch of people sitting in the lobby.  He said all these people clogging up my lobby have billing questions and they think we are cheating them because they don't understand cycle day billing no matter how many times we have explained them.  Sometimes they get the bills for 33/34 days and other times they get bills for 25/26 days and this difference can be huge depending upon the weather.  

He mentioned this hassle alone is big enough for him to justify AMI system which will not only reduce his customer service cost but more importantly improve his customer satisfaction.  In the next blogs, I will discuss many other customer service benefits.

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