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The 21st Century Grid Policy Framework

Recently I found one interesting report in FERC website. It is being issued in Jun 11 itself by Obama government and is titled "POLICY FRAMEWORK FOR THE 21st CENTURY GRID: Enabling Our Secure Energy Future"


Considering Century Grid as a process, report objectives are defined as, not to prescribe particular technologies, products etc but to enable the United States to maximize the available opportunities and address the challenges while transiting the nation to a smarter grid.


In this report your will find policy recommendations around:


·         Energy Independence and Security

·         Smart grid modernization

·        Advantage of innovation, modern information & communications technology (sensors, smart metering solutions,  smart appliances etc)

·         New capabilities to utilities / customers

·         Job creation & growth in clean energy economy


The framework is premised on four pillars and for each, various key actions are defined:


1.     Enabling cost-effective smart grid investments

2.     Unlocking the potential for innovation in the electric sector

3.     Empowering consumers and enabling them to make informed decisions, and

4.     Securing the grid.


Framework is to enable the United States to be the leader in the 21st Century economy by renewable / clean energy revolution and to meet the national goals such as generating 80% of electricity from clean energy sources by 2035 or putting one million electric vehicles on the road by 2015 etc.


This report is full of facts, findings and case studies...I am sure you will find it interesting. You may click link "21st Century Grid" to see the detailed report.


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