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Utility Inbox (Part 2 - Benefits to Utility & Customers)

Following on from my last blog on Utility Inbox where I discussed about the concept, I would now like to list out some of the benefits that this concept will provide to both Utility as well as the Customers.

Benefits to Utility & Customers:

  • Reduced Cost - Physical paper cost, printing cost, Postage cost to send these notices/messages/ letters to the customer, and manual labor cost associated to these processes can be eliminated.

  • Document Management - A copy of the exact content that has been sent to the customer will get automatically saved in Utility's outbox and can be archived, queried to support reporting requirements, legal requirements and also while addressing customer's call regarding the exact information that was sent.

  • Timely delivery and Early realization of revenue - The information can be delivered timely which would also give more time to the customer to respond (specially on time-sensitive notices) and won't face delays like no printing on holidays/weekends, no postal service on holidays/weekends, postal delivery issues. This would also help in early realization of revenues in some cases.

  • Greater Customer Satisfaction - Customer's will have all their utilities related notices/messages saved in a single inbox and there will be very less chance of losing them. This would also save them from handling and managing the physical papers and hence one less thing to bother about in their daily busy life.

  • Information Security - Information would remain secure and no need to bother about shredding the confidential information.

  • Remote access - Also customers would be able to get/access the information remotely even if they are not home and even if they are out of city, state, country. This will save some of the customers from getting penalized which might be happening currently if they are away from home and utility is sending any time-sensitive information to their postal address during that time.

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