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Gamification - Energy Savings can also be so much Fun!!

785_1.jpgIn today's environment, Energy savings has become a top priority for both utility and consumers. Today's customers are demanding and proactive. They want the right data to make informed decisions, and choices for themselves. Utilities are doing their bit by providing a lot of energy saving tips and information to customers on their website/ portals. However, customers are challenged with too much data, less time, and are overloaded by the monotony of searching through the avalanche of content.

So how do we make it interesting for the consumers?

Enter the fun and game quotient - Gamification as a concept is increasingly being used in multiple industries to promote work through play. The idea is to make the work interactive, point/score oriented encouraging competition.

So can we apply it to utilities interaction with their consumers to make it interesting?

Of course, let us look at a couple of examples.

  • Energize your home - Energy efficiency education through interactive games/tools
    • Rather than having multiple pages of static content on what can be done to save energy, the utility can implement an interactive visual model to impart the information. The visual model will show the customer's home profile information.
    • The customer can play a game by implementing energy saving tips like switching to CFL, or replacing an old refrigerator. Each change will show the cost, and annual possible savings with the change.
    • Overall Dashboard will have an 'Efficient home usage'score considering efficient appliances/heating/cooling, and 'My home usage' will change as the customers energize their home with more efficient energy saving devices.
    • The goal is how quickly the user can make his/her home energy efficient and closer to 'Efficient home usage' score. In the process, the user learns a lot of tips on saving energy.
  • Energy Champ -Foster energy savings and reduced bills through competition
    • Competition and peer pressure is a great way to drive people to achieve results. Utilities can encourage users to sign up for a forum/competition for improving their energy quotient - improve energy savings, reduce their bills.
    • Based on home profile information, display customer usage, similar home usage (in the forum), and ideal home usage. customers can be tagged  into Red, Orange, Green categories based on their usage.
    • User can sign-up for reducing their average usage for next 'X' months by certain goals - XX%, and be rewarded for achieving results
    • Polls, blogs to share questions, and ideas on what worked - using social media for education

While all these game ideas are good, it is important to keep them simple, interactive, and at the same time play oriented. Even, 'bragging rights' in a forum is a great motivator, especially with the younger demographics in today's consumer base.

Let your customers' nJoy energy savings!!

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