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The Power Within

With increasing volumes of information and data lying across the organisation and sometimes buried deep inside the organisation, finding accurate information fast is a necessity. Users are asking and expecting it and senior executives are demanding instant fulfilment, as speed and access is critical to increasing business productivity.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or 'findability' is more than managing documents and records according to defined organisational processes to keep them safe and compliant. It is also about finding, accessing and using the content to support and enhance the business activity they are engaged with. Providing this unified view with the underlying synchronisation of operational support systems, HR, ERP, CRM, etc. is complex and no mean feat. It requires the business face of the organisation closely liaising and working with the IT side.

Access to the right information at the right time is also essential in delivering a high quality of customer service, reducing business risk and meeting regulatory requirements for water utilities. If you want to find out how one water company, Anglian Water, succeeded in its quest to empower its knowledge workers by:

· Creating a comprehensive document management system with a taxonomy and metadata, allowing people to find information quickly and easily

· Delivering an integrated repository of structured and unstructured data sources, which provides a unified view of information across the business- one source of the truth, accessible to 4,000 employees and 500 business partners

· Simplifying searches combined with more granular reports and greater quality assurance to help Anglian Water meet its regulatory obligations and make more informed decisions about capital projects, which minimizes its exposure to operational risk and/or regulatory fines.


Watch Anglian Water discuss their approach to Smart Data.


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