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Contribute - 3rd of the 3C's of Sustenance

A strong maintenance strategy for micro assets may not be the most comprehensive way of ensuring unhindered business operations. Whilst the maintenance manager sweats out on tidying the trees, the CEO is ultimately responsible for the entire woods. What are the things beyond his control? Drought, Floods, Landslides, tsunamis or any other natural disasters. How about arson, terror attacks? Sole policy of paying  fat premiums to insurance companies (that can themselves falter and go bankrupt) would not be enough.

During his interview, post 26/11 Mumbai attacks, Ratan Tata (one of the 25 most powerful people in business)  said "…we will now look at anti-terrorism or protection of our assets and our people ourselves and we will try to create a deterrent …." . What does he really mean?

The most common reaction to this outrage is anger (my writer's block since last blog … I confess!). And while not all of us may not suddenly think about the Bush doctrine being the right path, a definite knee-jerk thought could that be of a Boycott. Blockade of access to goods, services or investment (see to find out if you have invested in fur coats factories). We then simply turn our back on Blood Diamonds and have our navies herd our liners through the Gulf of Aden and get back with our lives.

But these do not break the continuum of  "gross economic inequalities, social humiliations and political disenfranchisement, which can contribute to generating confrontation and hostility" wrote Amartya Sen. Access to affordable (or free) relevant education, support and not supplant indigenous culture and encouraging self-employment could be simple formula that could prevent exploitation of poor and can cultivate tolerance and harmony.

Here I bring in the '3Cs for (Asset) Sustenance'

Care - of people and environment as to not harm, pollute or disturb the balance

Conserve - our resources (water, energy) stay within replenishing rates

Contribute - towards social causes.

Contributions to societies or funds that address global concerns like poverty, hunger etc or even towards local issues in the neighborhood could greatly reduce  or even eliminate hostilities. This could even extend to lobbying and supporting political candidates or confederations that support these causes. They could create policies and take actions that can de-risk your business substantially.

So what could a Bahamian beach restaurateur contribute to? Research in Polar Ice Caps!!  A good Corporate Social Responsibility practice could be the mainstay Preventive Maintenance for your whole business.

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