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...SAP SRM 7.0 is here to stay, available to Leverage your SRM footprint: “Roadmap -> SRM Journey Kick-off” – Part 3

In my previous blog, we discussed the Road mapping exercise in detail, in this blog we will discuss on what the Roadmap meant for them and how the SRM Journey was kicked off.

What it meant to the team and the gigantic tasks that lie ahead of their face for the days to come. It’s not necessary that every kick-off meeting calls for a champagne burst or a Donut offering or even a free lunch”, for most it starts with a Heavy meeting instead of a heavy meal. There is so much already on the platter to digest, that we have barely the time to breathe in these agile project situations.

….The parallel BI BW analytics exercise along with the road mapping exercise revealed 3 major events to the SRM roadmap (keeping the numbers out)
1)      Significant amount of the Spend was leaning towards the Direct Materials and remaining towards Indirect procurement that directly gave us a direction for Phase 1 to choose Plan Driven Procurement with Plant Maintenance, the Strategic Sourcing process powered by RFx and Auctions to SRM Central Contract Management to ECC distributed contract would be the highlight of the implementation scenario of SAP SRM, the SRM - BW analytics integration would kick off for reporting important KPI and metrics to the CPO desk.
2)      Phase 2 of the Roadmap will focus on addressing Indirect Self Service procurement with SRM MDM Catalog with Supplier Self Registration and Qualification process
3)      Phase 3 would look at Buy and Sell side Enterprise wide Contract Life cycle management powered by SAP E-Sourcing / CLM
It’s obvious that a Big Bang theory reaps success stories only when the processes are stable, it doesn’t mean that a company’s processes are stable to such an extent that you can take the “meat out of the can and fry it, serve with sauce” and feel a great deal of contempt, a can could be a mint fresh or a can of worms, we’d never know.
We always look at the Organization with a great eye for detail and figure out which business entities could on-board these sophisticated processes coming in with the Package. If some one is already resting on their laurels of going gaga over a Big Bang, they might have been lucky or didn’t do a Risk assessment ever.
Narrowing down to such a scope for the Global Template implementation is the most challenging part of any journey and it goes without saying that, “we chose that path too.”
..In short we had a project plan that was made with a lot of detailing, charting out the risks at each stage.
We had SIPOC diagrams that not only broke down the element of process fitness but also explained the mitigations that had to be buffered in at each level.
Finally with weeks of effort, a realistic achievable Project plan with the activity charter was published bringing along with it a dedicated, capable and holistic team to achieve the line items of the SRM Roadmap.
Until now, we were at a Strategic level of the Point Of View, in the blogs to come, we will take each topic in detail and go a step granular into how SAP SRM helped them leverage their business processes, and we would also discuss each of those standing out SRM functionalities that helped solve real-time business processes further driving value across the enterprise
I would like to hear from you, if you had a similar experience 4-5 weeks before you really got on the ground with the Business Blue Printing exercise, it would be worth a discussion.
..keep those comments coming.


How many business scenarios are there in SRM 7.0
1. OTC
2. PTP
3. ITR

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