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Nostradamus, 2012 and Cloud Computing!!!

Nostradamus is known for his ominous, predictive, and mind numbing riddles of many disastrous events that have changed the course of history as we all know. On a separate note, there are plenty of influencing theories about how this world is coming to an end on 2012 Dec 21 that are astrological – such as Mayan calendar, and astronomical – such as an approaching star, in nature (check out the movie 2012 releasing on 13th Nov). I’ll leave to y’all-readers of this blog to pursue this interest further.

After having written a blog series on Cloud Computing I can’t stop but wonder how the Cloud Community would have progressed by the “literal” dooms day. For certain, people (as Oprah says it) would have realized that it is costlier to buy the infrastructure to host the applications vs. leasing the infrastructure for the same purpose. As you may have sensed by now, my predictions will neither be as ominous nor be as mind numbing as Nostradamus’s.
Cloud would be a nourishing place for a collage of providers and users. 

Paradise for Infrastructure Providers! for they can host a variety of private, public and hybrid cloud offerings. We can expect polarization towards infrastructure vendors which could influence the stack of products you choose to host your application/data.

Market place for Product Vendors! Sterling OMS Cloud license, WebLogic Cloud licenses, OS licenses, Oracle 10g cloud version perhaps which will lure a host of small and very small businesses to IT enable their businesses.

A Mecca for Service Providers and Free Lancers! Service providers can have their own offerings on cloud such as order management functions, demand forecasting functions and host their in-house IPs as services. They can also provide SDLC offerings involving just the code-build-test environments or services such as performance engineering offerings, regression test offerings etc. While the free lancers too can sport their ideas as services and make money.

It will be the time of Proactive Production environments. Although with virtualization we have achieved reactive environments, the call of the hour is to be able to manage these environments in a human-free and smart way. Instead of reacting to the increase in load, it is imperative to anticipate the load proactively and adapt to the imminent spike.

These advancements will surely attract a variety of users on the cloud that would include, educational and research institutes, corporations, media, retailers, healthcare, corporations, financial institutions, and even the Government! Here is an illustration of what I mean.

Cloud Users and Providers.JPG

(* - This image is originally from a Thesis report titled "A generic workflow-based model for the deployment problems in grid systems using MPIAB as a case study" by Guruprasad B. Nagaraja)

Now, with all these advancements in the world it would be unfortunately tragic if it ends by 2012, isn’t it? On a lighter note, if that happens, all these cloud users and providers will be looking up at the sky and panicking!

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