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SCOR -S Certification; a boon for students

Great news awaits students expecting to launch their careers in supply chain. The SCOR Scholar (SCOR-S) certification program has been launched by Supply Chain Council in 2010-2011. Designed for university students who do not yet possess significant on-the-job experience, SCOR-S certification will demonstrate a basic understanding of how to use the SCOR Framework for supply chain management. “The SCOR Scholar certification will be one of the only programs in the world that provides students professional certification of a methodology for managing supply chain performance,” says Caspar Hunsche, SCC Chief Technology Officer. “In addition to core supply chain management knowledge, SCOR-S certification will send a strong signal to potential employers of a student’s interest and ability to excel at a supply chain career.” A detailed training catalog can be downloaded from Supply Chain Council. Workshops include SCOR Framework, Implementation, Integration, Benchmarking, Performance based Logistics (PBL), Cost Modeling and Supply Chain Risk Management. In a way, such specialized training programs open thinking and real-world practice possibilities for students. Besides, such forums and certifications bring relationships with SCOR practitioners and teachers who meet and resolve practical supply chain challenges in their day to day operations. Let’s discuss the significance of the SCOR-R certification. Students can get an insight into supply chain basics and industry processes from experts. Understanding of SCOR benchmarks and process drivers by specific industries help align supply chain academic knowledge with indicators one must look for to realize business performance. Next, such certification helps students edge out competition when it comes to presenting themselves to prospective employers. Ability to relate to critical aspects causing a business constraints become clearer compared to trivial facts. Inter-relationships between various operational entities are key to finding a resolve to today’s supply chain problems. The SCOR-R experience will enable students to balance supply chain risks and rewards more effectively. This is just a few from the list of many benefits that students can gain from this certification from the Supply Chain Council. Well started is half done. This cannot be truer especially when it comes to beginning a career in an exciting profession of supply chain.

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