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Infosys team at Pulse 2012 - Day 1

Woke up with a nice sunrise view as seen from my hotel (Tropicana Las Vegas) window. Had to skip the general session for some unavoidable reasons. Heard from other folks that it was quite interesting which was more on gaining visibility, control and automation to enable Business without limits.


Attended the Smarter Physical Infrastructure Stream keynote session which was delivered by presenters from General Electric, Michelin and IDC along with IBM. George Ahn - IBM VP for EAM spoke about how Maximo and TRIRIGA would be the focus solution for smarter buildings and smarter cities. With TRIRIGA acquisition, IBM seems to be more focused on Smarter physical infrastructure as part of its smarter planet theory.

Michelin presented how they replaced 1000s of their local applications by Maximo in their 70 manufacturing plants. By sharing of best practices across plants, having one common master application and collaboration, Michelin could improve efficiency by 10%, reduce maintenance cost by 20% and improve energy performance by 20%. Michelin is also effectively using Maximo for knowledge retention to overcome aging workforce problem. Interestingly, in most of my client conversations, aging workforce is always a pressing issue.

Another interesting fact to know from Jamie Thomas (VP - Tivoli - Strategy and Development) was that IBM has 467 authorized Maximo partners delivering system integrator services. She also mentioned that IBM has done more than 100 releases in last 5 years, after acquisitions. IBM efforts should be applauded here for having that much focus on Maximo. In fact, IBM has been releasing new Maximo add-ons and Industry Solutions at much faster speed than MRO.
Next on my list was the breakout session on Maximo and TRIRIGA Product update, roadmap and new features delivered by my good friends Dave Gasdia and Anthony Honaker. I have attended their 10s of sessions in multiple IBM events and the common thing I have seen is that there sessions are always over crowded. You would find people standing in each and every corner of rooms. Such is the charm and clarity of their sessions.

IBM will be releasing two new solutions IBM intelligent building management and Maximo health, safety and environment management. Most of the features of HSE are already available in Maximo O&G solution. The difference would be that now these are available to non O&G clients as well.
Another new upcoming add-on is Maximo for email where you can approve a work order in Maximo just by sending a mail from your blackberry. This is going to be made available as part of base 7.5 product soon ( to be precise). Dave also mentioned that Hotel Tropicana Las Vegas is using this feature to streamline their maintenance processes. Probably, when I called them up yesterday to fix something in my room, they might have used Maximo.
Next big release is TRIRIGA which is mainly a blue wash release as of now. IBM also building some of TRIRIGA features in Maximo and also integrating TRIRIGA with Maximo for these features. I could not understand the rationale behind this.

Roadmap for 2012 is to release significant enhancements on Maximo Scheduler, Fix packs for various Industry Solutions (SP, Utilities, Nuclear etc). Another significant release is something called Smart Cloud Control Desk for IT Asset Management, Service Management, CCMDB and change Management.
Some more new enhancements planned for Adaptability and Agility. This is to mainly improve user experience and reduce customization complexity by having configuration.
Anthony gave it a new name "Configurization". Some of the examples of this are automation scripts, graphical ways of configuring maximo. This provides opportunities to clients to reduce customizations. Usability and Navigation improvement is next high priority item on their list. Some of the improvements would be dynamic smart centers, personalization, increased data visualization, click reduction, graphicability, streamlined data entry etc etc. Interestingly, all of these features are influenced by TRIRIGA. TRIRIGA seems to be a good product. I am getting tempted to learn that as well.

Bumped into Anthony later, after an another customer session and asked him my doubt about building TRIRIGA features in Maximo and at the same time integrating TRIRIGA with Maximo as well. As per him, there is still no clarity for the TRIRIGA roadmap, hence IBM is trying both the routes.

Spent some time on our booth, met two of our clients and fixed a time for them for a more focused discussion about their issues and priorities. 

Back to another break out session where this utility company has implemented Maximo, Peoplesoft and Powerplan. The session was more oriented towards Powerplan. They have been using Poweplan since 1996 and claim to be one of the first powerplan users. Some the critical success factors this team mentioned were (i) dedicated project team members, (ii) phased approach with core foundation first, (iii) strong management support, (iv)Organization Change Management, (v) engaging key users in the project. Very-very true for any package implementation. Specially, change management and key user engagement.

Powerplan is the asset accounting software and goes pretty well with maximo. We, in Infosys, have implemented a very similar landscape for an another utility where we also integrated Maximo with Powerplan. Plan to fix a meeting between both these clients to share best practices and learn from each other.

Another breakout session with an energy company which is in process of implementing Maximo and integrate that with SAP for financials. Their focus would be to move slowly from reactive to preventive to predictive to RCM to RBM to TPM. They have worldwide operations and have implemented the solution in north America and moving to Europe and then South East Asia. They have been completing their maximo projects in sites on time and on budget. Everybody wants that. I realized that they are moving very slowly but very firmly by having right strategies in place by having a solid Asset Life Cycle  Management foundation in place. They also plan to have pipeline assets and use RBM (Risk Based Maintenance) for them. Invited them to our speaker session for Wednesday on the same topic.

Back to our booth again. Socialized with colleagues from cloud and our IBM alliance team which is providing us excellent support. Moved around booths of some other sponsors. Every sponsor is having some unique solution around Maximo. I wished them luck and headed back to hotel.

Throughout the day, met most of my worldwide maximo friends and had good discussions. Will meet rest of them over next 2 days. Long blog, Fingers aching. Will write more tomorrow.


Thanks much Praveen for providing us an insight of a great event !

Great summary Praveen... I missed the product update session so thanks for posting it here... and it was great to see you in person and catch up...

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