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Infosys team at Pulse 2012 - Day 3 (Last Day)

Today was the last day of the conference and Pulse was open only until 4 PM. We saw large crowd coming to our booth which kept all of us busy throughout the day. We had our speaking session on our solution on Pipeline asset Integrity Management and some IBM meetings as well. A very packed day today and lots of running around from one room to another along with last minute rush on our booth made me lose my notepad on which I had my notes from general session in the morning.

On the last day of Pulse, morning General Session starts late by 1 hour due to previous night's Palooza event.  So, I got some time for extra sleep. Cloudy sky today with some drop in temperature. General session started with host Scott Hebner inviting Helene Armitage and Erich Clementi who spoke about their groups which are Software Technology Group and Global Technology Services respectively.

Next was Manoj Saxena - GM IBM Watson, explaining how Watson is going to benefits the humanity with its innovation. Manoj explained in details how Watson helps in diagnosis of medical illness with its artificial intelligence and analytics capability. Watson has 41 sub-systems within it for hardware, software, analytics and many others, which explains the complexity. This was a real marvelous concept. While returning from the session, a Canadian friend of mine mentioned that this was probably the real smartest solution from IBM.

Towards, end of General Session, IBM fellow Grady Booch interviewed Steve Wozniak, Apple' co-founder and this was amazing. Interestingly, today Apple is launching its iPad 3 in California and Woz was with us in Veags. Vow!!! Very candid responses from Woz on his life, how he was helping kids in education, his days with Hewlett-Packards, his inventions, his passion about developing computer games, extremely hard work he put in to be successful, his dancing with stars and of course Steve Jobs.

I remember, many years ago somebody complementing Nandan Nilekani (Infosys co-founder), about many dignitaries visits to Infosys campus, which includes Presidents, Prime-ministers of many countries, Bill Gates, Michael Dell and many other famous personalities. Nandan's reply was that his goal would be completed only when he sees Steve Jobs visiting Infosys campus. Alas, this remains an unfulfilled goal. We all miss Steve Jobs. A great visionary he was.
Another interesting thought from Woz was that in future he needs to see "answer engines" and not "search engines", where he can speak a question and get the answer without googling.

Could not attend any session today as we had our speaking slot on Pipeline Integrity Management solution and also some our existing clients and analysts were scheduled to visit our booth.

During our Pipeline Integrity Management solution, Sandeep presented problems which worldwide oil & gas pipeline operators have in terms of risks which can have damages to people and property, and Infosys solution around it which is being built on Maximo. I briefly touched upon how Maximo and other peripheral systems are being utilized here.

Met few of our clients at our booth from oil & gas, manufacturing and transportation areas and listened to them. It is always good to listen to client's complaints along with appreciations. Their complaints and new requirements help us in improving ourselves and finally deliver more values to our clients and have them successful, which we aim for.

At the end, the meeting which I was waiting for a long time. We had Ralph Rio coming to our booth and listen to Sohel and I about or Maximo practice. Ralph is from ARC Advisory group and probably the only well know analyst who is tracking asset management now these days very actively.  I have been in touch with him for last one year but have never made face to face. A very brief meeting with him as Expo Theater was closing and we agreed to do a joint webinar along with him.

With this, good bye to Pulse 2012 and look forward to attend next year (3rd Mar to 6th Mar 2013) with a better planning and look forward to meet all my peers, friends, clients once again. See you all next year.


Thanks, Praveen. Though, I missed attending the current Pulse session, your summaries have almost taken me to the field and educated on the new happennings.

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