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Online Grocery Retailing that too in ....India

We are familiar with the concept of buying online books, electronic goods, gift articles, apparels. Today we are able to browse the products many times, compare products and even call up the customer care executive to help us select the right product. But do we purchase grocery online (excluding the perishables) in India. I don't think so. Even I do the shopping of grocery through supermarket or hypermarket. Do we know any e-retailer who sells grocery online? Will the grocery received online be in good condition? Will the grocery prices online be cheaper than our hypermarket/supermarket? All questions asked do we really need to purchase grocery online when we can get it in a nearby supermarket. Few would also argue that they can get them from local stores available in vicinity. 

At present buying grocery online in India is not an attractive option, as compared to other categories. Among the top 20 e-retailers in India grocery is sold by just 28%. They would not be selling many items in grocery but keep it with other categories to have all products under one roof. Grocery includes Food items, Home and Personal care, Beverages, Staples etc which are the daily use items. This category alone has huge potential to garner higher revenues than any other category.

In our daily life, we do not get time to buy grocery in weekdays. It has become a habit to buy it on weekends and normally we purchase it for a month so that we do not take pain coming to hypermarket every week. We supplement it by buying few items from local stores in vicinity or nearby supermarket.

These are the activities we normally perform when buying from hypermarket. We have to drive down to get to the hypermarket store. We would look for the required product, have a look and feel of the product, look for good discounts, sometimes go for impulsive buying and check the expiry of product before keeping in the basket. Then go to the queue and wait for the turn to get the billing done. At peak time queue is normally longer and like us many purchase mostly on weekends hence it is bound to be there.

Well if the discount benefits for shopping at brick & mortar stores are available for us to shop online at the convenience of our home. Advantages of it  would be hassle free shopping, no queues for payment, less time to shop, have the monthly requirement list saved with option of quantity to be changed, product comparative features, savings displayed and fuel saved to go  to the store physically & return. If we are availing online facility we would require the grocery to be delivered at our home, as per our convenient date and time slot. The returns facility should be available without any inconvenience. If the above conditions are met I think so we would be more than happy to shop grocery online.

There are very few e-retailers who have ventured full fledge into selling of grocery online in India. Browsing the present e-retailer selling grocery online one can find   pictures for every product, home page mentions about the discount, shopping list saved with option to modify the item or quantity, savings displayed, points earned can be redeemed, free home delivery above certain order value, convenient return policy, and delivery on preferred dates and in standard time slot. They are catering to specific area within a city. Being a very huge initiative with manpower and transportation involved it would take some months to cater in whole city. Once the volumes grow up it would be feasible to deliver products below certain order value. But nevertheless the process has just begun. It may soon follow with a suite of e-retailer venturing into selling grocery online.

Let me know if anybody has shopped grocery online or will you like to shop grocery online with the above features and what is your take on it.


Hi Sudhanshu,

This is an amzing idea for e-retail.though it is yet to be eshtablished in India, I think once a customer starts buying grocerries online and is satisfied ith the quality and service, it should be a big hit in the metros in big cities in India.

How about the delivery time involved in e-purchase ? I generally buy white goods online, as I am not too concerned on when I will receive it. But for groceries, one will need it in rather soon and therefore people prefer buying it when needed at a nearby MoM&PoP store. Other aspect is grocery items are too touchy-feely than white goods which are more or less standardized.

Hi Anand, if the order is placed in morning before a cut off time it would get delivered same day. But if the order is placed late in evening it would get delivered next day morning. Presently the grocery e-retailer in India has a pre defined delivery slot within a day. A customer can select his preferred time of delivery slot.
The second question -- Normally in the monthly shopping for grocery we consider more or less the same items to be purchased, with some change in quantity monthly basis. Hence with time
the touch factor would go away once the confidence of shopper increases. The concern at the time of buying online is the quality should be good and items should have sufficent no. of days to expire at the time of delivery. If this is taken care by e-retailers while
maintaining delivery time the confidence for customer would increase gradually.

Hey, Sudhanshu. I hit this topic while searching for data on a market research on e-tailing of groceries. If possible could you contact me on my mail id, would like to ask a fwe questions regarding this.

Hi, Great blog. would like to discuss more on this topic.
Be in touch.

Online grocery shop category now growing in India. One of my client started 6 month before with 10L investment. Mainly we focused on off-line marketing & online marketing. people are showing their interest to purchase online again and again with us. previously we covered only 7% of Chennai. 1 or 2 month we have expend our service to entire Chennai.

Well I found this blog while am seaching for Grocery online shop.It was Valuable information thanks for sharing.

Nice Infographic! On this one, we are doing very well,good information thanks

i really great sharing topic thank you, and i waiting your next topic.i also promotedonline grocery store

Good Article, Now going days people are also familiar with the concept of buying online grocery shopping because It will save their ( people ) valuable time,

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