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Multi - channel commerce in Europe - the next frontier for Retailers?

Retailers worldwide have tended to move steadily towards a more integrated and unified strategy around Multi-channel from the Bricks and Mortar model, moving through a Multi-channel Operations mode with channels in silos to a more integrated Multi-channel Commerce mode. The only issue has been the speed of adoption by retailers globally.

EMOTA has just released figures noting that Europe has overtaken the US as the largest e-commerce market in the world with an estimated total value of €246bn which puts the online retail sales now accounting for more than 5% of the total value of the retail market in Europe.

This shows the growing importance of non-traditional channels in Europe. Customers now expect more and more seamless interaction across all channels (Social, Mobile, Web, Store and Call Centre). This is triggering a lot of activity among the European retailers to deliver a more consistent experience to their customers.

A number of retailers like Dansk Supermarked A/S are re-platforming themselves to be able to increase their customer base through improved customer experience, increased assortment across channels while improving operational efficiency and  reducing costs. You can read more about thier cross - channel commerce program here.

While retailers would face some unique challenges in the European region - Cross-border trading, Multi-currency trading, Delivery optimisation and the lack of infrastructure in some of the less developed areas of Europe, none seem to be un-surmountable in their quest for a larger piece of the customer's wallet.

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