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Managing After-Sales Service by coupling CRM and Asset Management

Guest Post by

Sajit Kumar C.N., Principal Consultant, Infosys and

Ganesh Subramanian, Lead Consultant, Infosys

Enterprise-centric Asset Management is a new model evolved from the rapid and radical change that businesses have undergone. This radical innovation in business is brought about by globalization and may be profoundly displacing many of the well-accepted models that businesses used to follow. 

In such a scenario, the world is rapidly adopting collaboration across value chain as a competitive differentiator. The same holds true for after-sales asset management, which is the last and perhaps the most decoupled "link" in the value chain in asset-intensive industries like industrial tool manufacturing. Organizations can no longer afford to sustain with inward-looking Enterprise Asset Management only ...

Read more on our article in Spend Matters, a global content community dedicated to examining a range of procurement and supply chain issues.

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