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Infosys Team at IBM Pulse 2013


I am back again in Vegas for IBM Pulse 2013. Last year, I covered the event live with daily blogs, but this time my whole schedule was so packed that I hardly had any time to write. Hence summarizing the whole event in one blog.

Checked into a different hotel this year - Excalibur - and it had the full view of New York - New York Roller Coaster from my room window. This Roller Coaster runs until 11 PM every night, giving me sleepless nights until then, due to its screaming passengers, but worth the view.

Theme for this year was same as last year'- Optimizing World's Infrastructure, with IBM's four offerings - Cloud, Smarter Physical Infrastructure, Mobility and Security.

Infosys was Gold Sponsor again, and our focus was Maximo. We had representation from our ECS, RCL and MFG teams for Maximo, in addition to Cloud.

Due to some unavoidable circumstances, our marketing team was not present at the booth, hence we ourselves -Aditya, Kiran, Dheeraj and I, setup the booth with all the banners, posters etc and it came out pretty well. We had a bigger and more strategically located booth this time - compared to last year.

This year, for the first time, I attended Tivoli Business Partner summit which happens before Pulse. Tivoli has new General Manager - Deepak Advani - and he mentioned that if you read Tivoli in reverse direction, it comes out "I lov it", and so does he. For the readers, who don't know the connection - Tivoli is one of the IBM's software brands, out of six, and Maximo comes under Tivoli.

Ray Wang CEO, Constellation Research (, a speaker with tremendous energy,  spoke about how innovations are changing world and why agility is required in order to stay current. The Guest speaker was Chris Gardner ( of The Pursuit of Happyness fame and he spoke about himself, his philosophy on life and of course The Pursuit of Happyness. Chris doesn't need any introduction, hence not writing about him.

IBM had nominated, our Maximo Utilities Amplifier solution, in best solution award for Best Asset and Facilities Management Solution category, but unfortunately we didn't make it to the winner. The winner was a solution from a company called CFI ( I checked with them later. Their solution was based on Maximo & TRIRIGA and they managed to get an excellent feedback from the client (Dow Chemical) for which they developed this solution.

As usual, event opened Sunday evening with an international connection reception and expo theater inauguration. This time, again majority of the event sponsors were Maximo services provider and almost everybody was showcasing TRIRIGA as well.

Attended Dave Gasdia's product roadmap session for Maximo and TRIRIGA.  Important update was that Maximo and TRIRIGA continue to be two separate products with enhanced integrations between these two.  Earlier uncertainty about merging these two products is gone now.

Our IBM alliance team arranged multiple IBM executive meetings. We discussed and strategized on how to improve our relationship and deliver more value to our clients. The common important message from all the meetings was that last year has been excellent for IBM with respect to Maximo and TRIRIGA software. It has been the best ever year in IBM history for both Maximo and TRIRIGA software sales.

We also had discussions with powerplan ( team which shown interest in our Maximo Utilities Amplifier Solution. Our Maximo Amplifier solution complements the features of powerplan and both these solutions together make a perfect choice for utilities.  

I presented our Maximo Amplifier Solution in Expo Theater which was well received by IBM, powerplan and clients. We have done a significant investment in this solution and we have plans to further improve this solution by working with clients in a co-creation model. This solution has been developed based on inputs and learning from many of our utilities clients using Maximo, SAP and Oracle.

Pulse event has always been able to bring some great speakers to the attendees. All of these great personalities have made great strides in their life and provide real motivation to all Pulse attendees. This time we had Peyton Manning, the great footballer.  In the past, I had an opportunity to listen to many such great personality and orators - Peter Schwartz, Magic Johnson, Al Gore, Lance Armstrong, Steve Wozniak etc and every time, it has been a new experience with a new message.

We had many clients, IBM executives, Maximo sales Reps, business partners, my old time Maximo colleagues and friends across the world coming to our booth and talk to us and share ideas, market happenings, current & future trends and how they continue to love Maximo and so do I.

With this, good bye to Pulse 2013, with a hope to generate new business and get more clients with our investment in various Maximo Solutions. Look forward to meet all my peers, friends, clients once again, next year.

This time, I could not blog live due to my tight schedule. Last year, I covered the event with much more details. In case, you missed last year's happenings, you can refer to:

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Wonderful Coverage, Praveen !!!

I agree that visiting Vegas for Pulse session is like an annual Pilgrim; I missed it this time.

Again a pleasure to read your experience from the the Pulse summit. It's a boon for lesser mortals like me who could not attend Pulse.

Good one and interesting article..

Thank you Praveen for providing an insight of a great event!!!!!!!!

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