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How Maximo landscape can be expanded in OFS organization:

The typical question thrown by business owners from Oil and Gas segment is how can we expand Maximo beyond the plant and maintenance to improve overall ROI??

Fortunately even I as a consultant came across this trivial question many times. I then tried to search an answer specifically within the OFS (Oil Field Services) space. OFS can be broadly classified between upstream and downstream operations. Out of the many subdivision   from the asset management perspective following areas are of importance to us :

·         Exploration and Drilling,

·         Engineering

·         Operations (Production and Maintenance).

Within the Exploration and Drilling operations the asset management can be effectively used to manage the 'Rig' or 'Oil well' effectively. Following are the major areas within Exploration and Drilling where asset management tools can be used to improve overall efficiency of the operations:

Ø  Rigs and drilling ships

Ø  Drilling related services such as well planning, Pressure pumping and waste chemical management

Ø  Drilling Equipment such as drill pipe, bits and tools

In current economic scenario efficient 'Rig Management' is becoming one of the most challenging aspect within the exploration and drilling operations. Most of the Rigs operate 24 hours per day and 7 days per week; therefore need to continuous monitor  is required so that they can run without disturbance. A 3D visualization tool and Asset Management tool such as Maximo can be effectively used to monitor and manage the field operations and tools and equipment .e.g Rigs, Meters/Pumps, etc. used at 'Rig' or 'well site'.  The 3D visualization tool shows real-time synopsis of drilling environment to remote site that facilitates discussions and decision-making. The schedule maintenance feature of the Maximo can be used to identify the maintenance milestones based either on usage or time. The breakdown down maintenance feature can help in case of emergency.

I recommend treating each Rig in particular geography as a site or location in Maximo. This mapping will help to manage the asset and identify the maintenance cost per site/geography. All the tools and equipment used at the site can be pulled in to Maximo to define the maintenance schedule of those tools and equipments.

Exploration and Drilling are major cost consuming ingredient in the overall oil exploration. A tight check on the operating expense would go long way in making the operations more efficient in the overall landscape.

Engineering is one of the core operations within the OFS domain. Engineering operations can be classified in to following major subcategories  

Ø  Engineering solutions,

Ø  Modules and constructions for rigs , fixed platforms and drilling ships.

Ø  Remotely operated vehicles

Ø  Pipelines

Ø  Wellheads

Ø  Barges

Along with the above mentioned operations engineering quality and reliability piece is of at most importance to the OFS companies. Typical operations within reliability are reviewing the designs of the tools and if required modifying them based on the feedback from well sites. While raising the engineering change order requests Maximo can be used to capture these changes against the tools/assets. In this way Maximo can be a central repository of all the quality related parameters and changes done , if any.


Under the list of processes of Operations and Maintenance we can include following processes:

Ø  Production operations & maintenance

Ø  Artificial lift or pressure pumping

Ø  Production chemicals

Ø  Maintenance and Modifications

Ø  Mechanical, instrumentation & electrical modifications

Currently most of the oil and gas organizations are using Maximo for the processes under this category.

Because these organizations are realizing the value out of the Maximo they are thinking of expanding the landscape across the different process heads.

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