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How Maximo can help optimizing the Pressure Pumping Services in Oil Field Services Organizations.


It is being observed that oil companies once rushed to get a well in the ground just to prevent their leases from expiring. Now that those leases have been established, these companies are now focusing on optimizing their operations so to extract the oil at competitive cost. In order to help these oil companies to maximize the gains from the existing oil fields, OFS (Oil Field Services) companies are offering the service mix called as IPM (Integrated Project Management). Analyst predicts that the OFS companies without the ability to deliver the IPM will go nowhere and will have to struggle for their existence. IPM helps the OFS organization to charge the fees for the expertise available within the organization. In near future most of the oil and gas exploration companies would be opting for IPM approach so that the specific expertise can be hired at the reasonable fees and the risk can be shared at affordable price. Thus making oil exploration more attractive and predictable.

Within IPM, Pressure pumping plays a key role .Pressure pumping services consist of cementing and stimulation services used in the completion of new oil and natural gas wells both onshore and offshore. Pressure pumping services play key role in optimizing the recovery of oil reserves and maintain optimal flow for producing wells.


According to MarketsandMarkets (, Global hydraulic fracturing market will grow to $64 billion by 2017. North America is expected to lead the global hydraulic fracturing production market. Currently North America leads the market with almost 90% of the market share. In North America the market is led by Halliburton, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Superior Well Services and Cud Energy Service.

Pumping machinery is very the critical component of the Pressure Pumping .Pumps are always subjected to wear, tear, erosion and corrosion and therefore can fail frequently. Therefore the correct operation, timely maintenance and lower downtime are very important to ensure uninterrupted services form these pumps. Unplanned failures can be avoided by timely inspection, follow up actions on observations of inspection and by planning periodical maintenance. Down time also can be reduced by adequate stock of general spare parts. Maintenance professionals have also noted that lack of preventive and timely maintenance or poor maintenance can further cause undue wear and tear of fast moving parts, and premature failure of the equipment. If not maintained properly pump can also result in increase in hydraulic and power losses and low efficiency. And finally inefficient running of the pump can increase the power cost. To support the preventive maintenance activities maintenance schedule also needs to be updated and revised based on the experience and analysis of failures and breakdown of the pumps. The preventive maintenance schedule shall mention the detailed steps to be carried out during the specific time intervals For example daily, monthly, quarterly, half yearly, annually etc. The PM schedule shall mention specific inspections and tests those can be performed at appropriate timespan.


Maximo can help optimize the operation by pulling these pumps in to the system as the assets along with their hierarchy and by defining the respective PM and job plans against each of these assets. These PMs can be invoked based on the usage or the duration. Maximo also offers the functionality wherein we can include the respective steps related to hazards and safety. Thus Maximo can help these pumps to be more effective and efficient


Thus by utilizing Maximo, Oil Field Services companies can improve the operating efficiency of the one of the key divisions within IPM. These savings generated can be passed on to the oil field companies.


i belong to oil company these articles helped me lot thanks for your hardwork

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