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Crafting a Digital Enterprise using SMAC stack

Last week, one of our Senior VPs, Narry, also head of Hyderabad SEZ head, forwarded an invitation for a workshop on Digital Enterprise organized by HYSEA (Hyderabad Software Export Association on 6-Sep-2014. Narry is one of the past presidents of HYSEA. Workshop being planned for a Saturday, initially I thought of ignoring, but considering the topic's relevance on the whole community around us - living and nonliving things on this planet - I decided to register. And this was one of the best learning and stimulating experiences I have had in recent past.

Key Note was delivered by VSR (V. Srinivas Rao) - CEO of BT&BT Management Consultancy - VSR brings in superb knowledge of what is happening around the world in "Digital".  He delivered a short 30 mins session, and was full of facts and great knowledge sharing. VSR spoke on many things on how in future every living and non-living thing will have an IP address to communicate to each other and to us.

Machines do have IP address, and in future even trees, chairs etc would have IP address so that these can communicate about their problems to another machines, human etc. This actually gives life to every non-living thing, making the IT technology GOD. You may say I am exaggerating, but if you really look around today - we have driverless cars, drones, IOT, where every machine speaks - all made done by IT professionals like you and me. As Infosys new CEO Vishal Sikka says, Software is changing the world today. So, there is an element of Digital in everything around us, and today's Digital enterprises are built on SMAC technologies, which are reducing the human interventions slowly like mainframe technology moving to Client-Server, and further to Web Based. Keyboards moving to touch screens, and then to eye movement based inputs.

Next was a debate between VSR and IIIT Hyderabad' ( professor Vasudeva Varma. An interesting insight how what is happening in academic world, and how academic research shapes industry. Prof Vasudeva mentioned how some of the flipcart development was done by IIIT campus.

Though the academic research may not necessarily have a business outcome defined, but it certainly impacts the industry. MIT and other institutes are playing an important role in this regard. Today, IIIT Hyderabad is housing 65 startups. I firmly believe that future of Indian IT industry lies in startups. India's Global Delivery model would lose its charm, in its existing form, slowly due to multiple factors - technology and domain becoming more prominent compared to labor arbitrage, high wages in India, tougher Visa rules etc. I guess, future of this industry lies in innovation, design thinking, intelligent way of working, rather than a FTE based model.

Next on the agenda was a big debate "Applications Vs APPs". This was moderated by Sriram Papani (a SVP from TechM) and speakers were Manoj Devireddy (SVP - OSI) & Kalyan Chakravarthy (from Smart Crowd online services) speaking for Applications. Ramachandran Iyer (VP- Motivity Labs) and Sirish Puppal (Product Manager - Polycom) spoke for APP. Sriram started debate with he giving an example of his discussion with Anand Mahindra about Mahindra Group's satisfaction with SAP.

An interesting debate where audience also participated. Multiple discussion points on how Applications are backbone and critical to businesses for day-to-day operations, and how end-users like APPs and not complex navigation of applications. In the end, the consensus was that Applications and APPs have to co-exist for best business outcome. Interesting insight in middle of the discussion was when the application team was to give an example of an ERP on cloud, and moderator pitched-in with name of Ramco. It made me feel proud to have an Indian product being mentioned among all international software products. Ramco being the first application I worked on during my first job, and later on me being part of Ramco' product development team, made me feel nostalgic as well.

Last part of the workshop was a Tutorial where speakers talked about how Social, Mobility and Analytics are touching our day-to-day life. The most interesting and inspiring to me was the talk by a young entrepreneur Ayyappa Nagubandi on Mobility. Ayyappa heads a startup Possibillion and has. Ayyappa is also a regular columnist in Hindu newspaper. Ayyapapa talked about many small organizations are providing cutting edge solutions faster and cheaper. He cited examples of (get a loan in 60 seconds), etc. Most amazing discussion point was having partition using VMWare on mobile devices to having secured applications.

To me, it was a totally different kind of experience, which took me away from my regular thinking, working and learn something new which is shaping our world. As our new CEO Vishal Sikka says "software is changing the world".



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