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Best Practices in Facilities Management

Facility management is a business practice that optimises people, processes, assets, and the working environment to support the delivery of the organisation's commercial objectives. It ensures that the customer's facility is in optimum operational condition and that they are receiving services in a prompt and organized manner. The Facility Management Services could range from maintaining building's air conditions, electrical network, plumbing to cleaning building premises, maintaining landscapes, provide catering services etc. It is about improving and maintaining the quality of life within a facility. It is the role of facility management service provider to ensure that everything is available and operating properly for building occupants to do their work.

Facilities Management is expanding, yet competitive and price sensitive market-place, wherein it is critical for the service provider to maintain the cost leadership and at the same time ensure high customer satisfaction. As part of the next generation solution the facilities management service providers are looking for solutions that can reduce their high operating and administrative cost, ensures optimum utilization of resources, provide them real time visibility on the work that is executed at a remote location, helps them in in meeting customer SLAs and brings automation to reduce redundancy.

Infosys has worked as a strategic partner with some of the world's leading Facilities Management Service Providers. Infosys was involved in designing their Work and
Service Management, Asset and Inventory Management, Customer Management and Procurement Management processes.  Some of leading best practices that were leveraged in designing Facilities Management process were -

Automated Work Force Management - A tightly integrated Enterprise Asset Management, Scheduling and Mobility solutions.
Intelligent Call Scripting - Optimum way to record issues raised by customers over a call.

One click Work Order creation - An highly automated way to process service request, perform multiple validations and create work order as a positive outcome. All this with a single click.

Quality inspection - A customer oriented automated solution to control the quality of work and gather customer feedback.
Multi-dimensional Pricing models - Pricing rules based on multiple factors to incorporate multi-dimensional pricing models.

SLA Monitoring - Priority based SLA tracking based on the time that a work order is sitting in a particular status.

Out of Scope Services - Display out-of-scope services as well to the customers and give them the option to choose these services. Use this information in the KPI reports for the opportunity to add new service line for the customer.

Work Type handling - Automated solution to validate the source of generation of work order initiation and route it to the relevant path.

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