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How Syngenta sowed the seeds of digital success with IBP

Syngenta is a global agribusiness leader with operations in over 100 countries and revenues of over US $12 billion. Its 3 main businesses are crop protection chemicals, seeds for diverse field crops and vegetable seeds .


In 2014, Syngenta embarked on a journey to harmonize its forecasting and S&OP processes. It had a maze of complex processes with 28 different forecasting and S&OP tools. With such a large number of tools there were many versions of the processes prevailing across geographical and commercial units.


Syngenta's Integrated Business Planning (IBP) Program was launched to harmonize business processes across all divisions and countries and bring them all on a single SAP IBP global platform.


Syngenta partnered with Infosys for the entire journey from 2014 to 2019. It began with a pilot implementation in Iberia in 2014 and went on to cover 100 countries in 5 waves by the end of 2018[T11] . It is the biggest global implementation of forecasting and S&OP processes enabled by the SAP IBP platform.


In its final form, the tool is being used by more than 2000 users. It has more than 800 key figures and 120 attributes, and connects 15 different SAP and non-SAP systems to IBP. On the process front, Syngenta now manages all its forecasting and S&OP processes - local, regional and global - using this tool. The program significantly improved forecasting accuracy, reduced forecast bias and slashed inventory.


It also achieved the objective of retiring 25+ local forecasting tools and digitizing the entire supply chain. This was achieved by making SAP IBP the single source of truth for all forecasting and S&OP data. Some advanced features of IBP like Statistical Forecasting, Optimizer and Product Categorization were leveraged successfully to deliver on complex business scenarios.  


As a pioneering SAP IBP implementation, the journey was challenging as well as exciting with many lessons learnt. Many basic features were missing and they were co-developed with SAP during this project. The performance and scalability of the system was another challenge. Almost every system such as SAP APO, BW, CRM, SFDC, BPS and even SAP ECC was connected with IBP for the first time ever during this implementation.


The biggest challenge though was to get users onto platform and encourage them to use it for running processes in order to deliver on the business case. It was no walk in the park.


In this session, you will learn a lot by listening to Matt McCall, Global Lead of IBP, Syngenta. As the Solution Architect of this journey, I too will speak at this session. We will together share our experience of this extraordinary implementation, and answer any questions to help you in your IBP journey. Join us on May 8 at 2:00pm at 330A and visit us at Infosys booth no. 632

 [T11]Is the program still continuing? Above we have said 2014 to 2019.

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